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If we design lights for the Finns, it’s because we know about the best lighting conditions


Do we smile in Finland?

We are the most northern people in the world: more than a third of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle, and half the world’s population living above the 60th parallel is Finnish (about 5 and a half million people).

We have natural light 24 hours a day for 52 consecutive days, but these are followed by 60 consecutive days when the sun never rises.

Helsinki, where SAAS was founded 30 years ago, is situated right on the 60th parallel: on the shortest days, the sun rises at 9 in the morning and sets at 3 in the afternoon.

For a Finn, light is the most important source of wellbeing. It is life.


Yes, with the right light, we Finns do smile.


Are we meteoropathic in Finland?

You try to live in a land of stark contrasts marked by blinding light, pitch darkness and freezing temperatures.

Helsinki has an average of 20 hours of daylight throughout the month of December. Mood swings are the norm, and it’s not unusual to feel slightly down in the dumps.


Yes, without the right light we Finns can be meteoropathic.


What is the right light for us people of the North?

For SAAS Made in Helsinki, a light manufacturing company of thirty years’ standing, light is an ethereal, essential and beautiful environmental element that can make us feel good or bad; one that can make it pleasant to linger in a particular place, or make us want to run away; one that drives the will to work or sleep.

Light does not just guide us in the dark, it also guides relationships between people.

Light is comfort, and its quality is of fundamental importance in defining its effect on our mood.

SAAS is one of the most advanced lighting companies in terms of its research in innovative LED-based light sources.

The company specialises in tailor-made solutions and in the highest quality, ready-made and easy to install components for the indoor and outdoor residential sector, as well as for hotels, the retail industry, restaurants and bars, spas, façades, workplaces and exhibition areas.

In addition to our research in cutting-edge LED-based light sources (which can be fitted with various kinds of optical lenses), we also stand out for the playfulness of our designs (we are known for the Sense Light Swing pendant lamp), all of which are developed in Helsinki and feature clean lines at the service of light.

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Light+Building 2018

18.03.2018 - 23.03.2018 Hall: 1.1 Stand: G 11