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SANDVIK TPS will use this year’s Techtextil to highlight its high productivity double belt press and scattering solutions for the manufacture and processing of technical textile and nonwoven products, and will demonstrate an operating powder scatterer.

SANDVIK TPS was formed following the merger of the composites arm of Sandvik Process Systems and scattering/double belt press equipment manufacturer TechnoPartner Samtronic. Its product ranges encompass every kind of double-belt press, from low-pressure laminators through to high-pressure steel belt presses, as well as precision scattering systems capable of handling fibres, powders, granules, pellets, adhesives and other materials.

All systems are designed on a modular basis, allowing a high degree of flexibility in terms of production flows. The company’s double belt press systems are based on a principle of multi-stage processing, enabling heating, reaction, pressing, cooling and tempering functions to be carried out on a single, continuous line. Both technologies – double belt presses and scatter coaters – can also be configured to meet specific throughput requirements, and can be combined in one efficient, in-line system for maximum productivity. The company also supplies up- and downstream equipment including unwinding/winding systems, in-line cutters, stacking units and conveyor lines.

This combination of technologies allows Sandvik TPS to offer tailored scattering, lamination, impregnation and consolidation process systems. Typical applications are the lamination or consolidation of different layers – with or without scattered materials (also including waste recycling) – to create nonwoven, technical textile or composite products of closely defined thickness and/or much higher density. Markets for these products include the transportation, construction and technical textile industries.

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Sandvik TPS is a world leading supplier of specialized double belt presses and scattering units, manufacturing and installing systems for the production of single and multi-layered products including: of technical textiles, non-wovens, natural fibers und composites

The company’s modular press systems are based around Teflon, stainless and carbon steel belts and can combine a number of processes – heating, reaction, pressing, cooling and tempering – in one efficient, continuous line.

Double belt laminator – Teflon®

This low-pressure system is used for bonding two or more materials (e.g. pressure sensitive composites, thermoplastics, non-wovens), or for thermal consolidation of materials.

Double belt press – Teflon®

This double belt press offers higher pressure using Teflon®-coated belts and additional pressure-applying elements. Applications include single- and multi-layered materials and many different types of technical textiles and non-woven products.

CombiPress – Teflon® and steel

Teflon®-coated belts are used through the multistage CombiPress, but significantly greater pressure can be applied thanks to the integration of steel belt modules in the consolidation zone. Applications include non-wovens and natural fiber composites.

Double belt press – steel

The modular design of our high-pressure steel belt-based double belt press enables multiple heating, cooling and pressure zones to be incorporated into a single, continuous process. With temperatures of up to 350 °C, this system is used for the production of advanced composites.

Precision scattering systems

We are a world leader in the design and development of precision scattering systems for high precision distribution of powder, granular or fibrous products onto a carrier material before being formed by pressure and/or heat. End applications include products for the transportation and construction industry.

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Techtextil 2015

04.05.2015 - 07.05.2015 Hall: 3.0 Stand: A 30