B 99/101 Brake tester for Trucks

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Product description

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The B 99/101 has a standard design as a split bed or compact roller brake tester and has been created especially for testing brakes on trucks and other commercial vehicles. The brake tester has a reflection-free display, making it easily readable from all angles, and is fully digitised, thereby supporting all demands that testing the brake of modern commercial vehicles involves.

The B 99/101 can test vehicles with air brake systems, hydraulic brake systems and 4WD vehicles.


  • Options available:

  • Remote control or tablet computer   

  • Add. LCD displays

  • Weighing facility static and dynamic

  • Pedal effort meter ( cable / radio)

  • 4WD switching with automatic detection

  • Second measuring direction

  • Brake for roller locking

  • Air pressure and hydraulic sensors  ( cable / radio)

  • Rollers with welded steel coating

  • Roller length extention

  • PC software like SAXON “Data Center” with database

  • “VI-Database Addon” or other network facilities

  • PC software SAXON Diagnosis for printing

  • Wireless connected tablet computer

  • Virtual remote control for smart phones

  • and many more!


Contact details

SAXON Prüftechnik GmbH

Am Stadtwald 19/23
08525 Plauen


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Technical Details:

Test width minimum: 800 mmTest width maximum: 2.800 mm
Test speed: 2,5 km/h (Optional 5,0km/h)
Display range: 0 - 8 kN / 0 - 40 kN
Axle load maximum: 15 tonnes
Roller coating: Silica/synthetic material
Roller length: 1,000 mm
Roller diameter: 234 mm
Roller distance: 470 mm
Roller increasing rear: 50 mm (optional different)
Motor: 2 x 11 kW with soft starter
Power supply: 400 V 50 Hz 3 phases
Fusing: 3x63A

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