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For almost 30 years electricians in more than 20 countries rely on the Schnabl fastening System. Our philosophy to safe working time and therefore money made it possible to create a wide product range of useful helpers. The approach is first to analyze the work flow on electricians on the construction site and then to develop an optimization. During this process we do not compromise on quality.


Our products guarantee a torque value of 350N and an applied load of 40kg minimum - more than sufficient for all electric installations. These outstanding results can only be achieved by not compromising with the development and the production.


Schnabl’s fastening systems are being produced at one of Europe’s finest die casting manufacturers using high class polymers. Schnabl Stecksysteme GmbH was awarded with the ISO 9001certification in 1997.


One of key features how the unique Schnabl Product lineup can achieve this benefit for the electrician is the connect ability between all products. A common feature is the patented Schnabl connection system that offers great variety of applications with no tools.


The only thing needed to apply a Schnabl tool is a 6mm (1/4 inch) drill hole in any surface like concrete, stone, bricks, plasterboards or isolated flooring.

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TÜV approval: Schnabl products save up to 60% of your time.

TÜV Austria has tested the efficiency of Schnabl. The clear cut result: Schnabl saves up to 60% of your working time!

Schnabl took the opportunity to prove their efficiency. Under the monitoring of TÜV Austria, the work rate of pipe installation was analyzed on a construction site.   The time comparison of Schnabl with traditional installation methods was carried out on identical parts of a building project.  Schnabl showed a clear advantage at the in wall and the on wall installation.

On wall installation

At the on wall installation, the Schnabl EC clamp in combination with the ESD Euro Fastening Anchor was compared against an anchor bolt and a clamp and screw combination for the installation of cable pipes. The big advantage of Schnabl compared to every other technique is the instant plug in installation after drilling.


Test result:


TÜV Austria

Concrete Anchor

Clamp & Screw


Mounting Time





Button: 58% time saving with Schnabl

This test consisted of 40 clamps installed by one installer. The installation height was 2m15cm (parking deck) that could be easily reached without the use of a ladder. The clamps were assembled prior to the installation (Screw put through the clamp into the anchoring bolt and the EC clicked on to the ESD). The holes on site were drilled using a drill stop. After that the Schnabl EC –ESD combination was simply plugged in while the other clamps were mounted using a power screwdriver.


In wall installation

The cement installation of in wall flexible tubes is not only cumbersome and a lot more time consuming compared to the Schnabl method. Schnabl could prove this fact from the latest comparison approved by TÜV Austria. In this test, Schnabl support anchors and terrace brackets were used versus rapid cement and gypsum with a clear result.

Test result


TÜV Austria

Installation with cement/gypsum


Mounting Time




Button: 60% time saving with Schnabl


The testing of both methods was done by the same installer on a construction side of a two room apartment. The trenches were chased in advance with enough space for the flexible tubes. The installation site was cleaned before the testing commenced.  Flexible tubes were the only installation material allowed. The test was finished when the site was ready for rendering (nails and other aides had to be removed).

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