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I, Mohsen Shamloo – violin maker, started the challenging work of making violin in 2000 with master Ibrahim Ghanbarimehr and managed to accomplish repairing and making violin course after 6 years. In 2006 I started making viola under his supervision and in 2010 began to make cello as well.   Mehr model violin This model is an invention of master Ibrahim Ghanbarimehr which was made in 1965. He has gracefully shown that violin can be made in a way in which the quality of its sound will remain as nice as former models. This design can also be implemented on viola and cello.

Shamloo Violin are included me and my colleague Sepehr Gharedaghi and we are working toghether.

Range of services

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Our services are include making and repairing violin , viola , cello and double bass also we have international shipping  


Design :

The design used in my style of making musical instruments is aimed at optimizing the quality of violin and the ease of player, invented by master Ibrahim Ghanbarimehr. The changes done by him in 1958 include differing the distance between pegs and changing the neck-side edge of the peg box into a half-circle shape. This change in the peg box edge results in higher stiffness of the neck along with giving it a more beautiful look. In common designs of the neck, the end rectangular edge of the peg box is fragile due to the pressure put on that part – which is conspicuous in old instruments – while in  half-circle shape the potential damage to the part is much less owing to its unique shape.    


Differing the distance between pegs :  

In common violin neck designs, A string lies on D string in the peg box, which make the process of tuning face some difficulties. This problem is solved via the design proposed in the picture. Moreover, the player hand moves freely outside the peg box while tuning because it has become easier to access the peg.

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Musikmesse 2017

05.04.2017 - 08.04.2017 Hall: 8.0 Stand: D 35B