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About Us

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Shelmed Cottage Treasures is a manufacturer and a global source for handcrafted, custom-made home products, accents and furnishings made from natural fiber.


Shelmed is primarily an Abaca company. Abaca is a natural fiber that has a long history of use in the Philippines. It is a strong fiber, one of the strongest there is in the world. And it is a beautiful, long fiber that absorbs colors well and has the strength and durability and tensile strength such that in the past it has been used for the manufacture of marine ropes. Its pulp has also been used for specialty papers and can be found in the paper used in printing the Philippine currency among others. Pounded woven fiber is found in the traditional fabrics and clothing of the Filipino people.  We work with abaca and weave it in combination with other natural fibers found in our region.

Our home products are handmade and woven with care by local artisans. We also work with marginalized and vulnerable communities in our region. Each piece is a fusion of creative designs and detailed craftsmanship using natural, rapidly renewing materials.  All our collections complement and integrate well with sustainable, healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. It is a company with both an environmental friendly conscience and a recognized style.

Our factory is located in Albay, 500 kilometers away from the international port of Manila. It is where the goods are designed, produced, reviewed for quality and packed and prepared for shipment to the rest of the world.

Our mission as a company is not only to create beautiful products. We also believe that it is our responsibility to help build communities for our associates, partners and their family. We embed fair trade practices and social safeguards in all our manufacturing systems, processes and practices.

Shelmed is multi-generational company with 120 years of combined experience collaborating with reputable importers and wholesalers, leading retail outlets and pioneering boutique stores in international markets in the EU, USA, Oceania and Asia.

Range of services

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Products: Handwoven Baskets and Organizers, Placemats and other accents for the dining table, Rugs and Floor mattings, Woven abaca fabrics, sinamay tapes and ribbons, Raffia rolls and other natural woven wrappings for gifts

Extra Services:

Customization/Complementation/ Design Innovation

Each client is special to us and we welcome customization. Our handmade processes embrace flexibility and innovation. We will work with you in transforming materials, ideas and functions into simple but stylish abaca creations for the home. We understand that every market is different and so we work with the clients in terms of colors and size requirements. We work to understand what your needs are and we respond to these with experience, creativity and innovative energy. Let your imagination wander into new colors, shapes, sizes or products and we will do the rest. We focus on design and quality. These are prime values we treasure at Shelmed.

Consolidation of Goods for Shipment

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Ambiente 2017

10.02.2017 - 14.02.2017 Hall: 10.1 Stand: A 51