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SITRAM is the French pioneer of stainless steel cookware

The SITRAM factory was established in 1963 in Saint-Benoît-du-Sault, France. For over 50 years, SITRAM has been the premiere manufacturer of premium stainless steel kitchen equipment. A central geographic location, a skilled workforce and a focus on innovationhave been paramount to the distinguished heritage of SITRAM. During the 80's, SITRAM became a prominent player in French kitchenware. SITRAM's famous TV slogan left a lasting impression on several generations: "si vous ne prenez pas une SITRAM, vous risquez de prendre une gamelle !" (if you don't cook with a SITRAM pan, you will take a "gamelle". Play on words: "gamelle" means a slip or a pan in a real poor condition).

SITRAM is a leader in manufacturing technology

SITRAM invented modern fabrication for enameled cooking ustensils. Rather than using outdated methods of soaking ustensils to create an enameled finished, SITRAM developed new manufacturing technologies to create higher quality products with greater durability. While competitors were using the stirrup principle as the closure system for the pressure cooker. By introducing the bayonet closure system, SITRAM added safety features and improved performance by retaining pressure inside the cooking vessel.

SITRAM products are ideal for disciminating home gourmets and professional chefs

SITRAM commercial equipment is used in top restaurants and hotels in global markets. Collaboration with leading chefs, experts in technology and specialists in manufacturing are central to SITRAM's product development. The brand remains one of the last manufacturers of commercial equipment in France.


SITRAM quality commitments :


  • Innovative and constantly developped products

  • The perfect control of our manufacturing process enables us to offer constant quality

  • Reliable products that comply with all the inforced regulations

  • Efficient customer-centred service and after-sales service



The SITRAM brand is synonymous with product innovation, quality and safety for all kitchens.

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Stainless steel cookware

Professional and daily kitchen equipments

Pressure cookers


Saint-Germain cookware

With its elegant design and ergonomic mass-engraved handles, the Saint-Germain range perfectly...

SITRAM Avenue de Larbonne 32300 Mirande France +33 562642525


Sitrapro pressure cooker

A product of SITRAM's restructuring, the Sitrapro pressure cooker is elegant, high-tech and easy to...

SITRAM Avenue de Larbonne 32300 Mirande France +33 562642525


Sitracolor pressure cooker

With an intuitive, one-hand opening system and a soft, colourful design, Sitracolor is the perfect...

SITRAM Avenue de Larbonne 32300 Mirande France +33 562642525

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