AURUS - the direct access console

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AURUS platinum offers maximum performance no matter what the use case. Even the most criti­cal engineers are impressed by the system's un­precedented audio quality, flexibility, and reliability in theater, radio, recording, and live applications. Instant access to all audio parameters ensures fast and efficient operation that can be tailored to any specific production workflow.

The console integrates seamlessly into a NEXUS audio network that offers virtually unlimited audio­I/O resources in all common formats. The built­in macro controller allows for easy integration of external systems in any environment and for smooth day­to­day operations.

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Stage Tec Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Professionelle Audiotechnik mbH

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  • Fastest workflows thanks to 10-ms full refresh
  • Typical audio latency < 0.5 ms at 48 kHz
  • Interference-proof, highly redundant system
  • Microphone inputs with 158 dB(A) dynamic range
  • Unlimited automation options
  • Snapshots, scenes – dynamic or timecode-controlled
  • Control of and by external systems through Ethernet, MIDI, serial protocols, or GPIOs
  • Full access to NEXUS parameters and the built-in macro controller through NEXUS snapshots
  • Additional, customizable snap layer per snapshot
  • Separate fade times and curves per channel
  • and scene
  • Extensive editing options even during the show
  • Integration into the NEXUS audio network: thousands of audio I/Os in all common formats
  • Protection of customer investments thanks to lon- gevity and the servicing concept: 10-year spare-part availability guaranteed
  • Lossless and tap-proof transmission over even the larg- est distances using single mode and multimode fibers
  • All network topologies supported
  • Ultrafast installation and deinstallation
  • No hum, no noise, no problems from power supply
  • potential
  • Maximum reliability
  • Independent from external IT infrastructures
  • Extensive self-monitoring, SNMP-enabled
  • Integration with sequence controllers
  • Control and monitoring of external systems
  • 128 fully utilizable summing buses at all supported
  • sample rates
  • Mix-minus bus layout with enhanced features
  • Audio-follow-video with separately adjustable fade
  • times and curves
  • Talkback onto any bus with just one key press
  • Various upmix/downmix configurations; optional ISOSTEM lossless algorithm
  • Automix with no channel limit and up to 4 groups
  • Relaxed working environment thanks to minimum heat dissipation and fanless design

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