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The L.S. Starrett Company, founded in 1880, manufactures more than 5,000 variations of Precision Tools, Gages, Measuring Instruments and Saw Blades for industrial, professional and consumer markets worldwide.

Starrett, a leader who has set the standard for fine precision tools in industry for over 130 years, has rightfully earned the title, "World's Greatest Toolmakers".

"Like all businesses, however large or complex, this one started with a man and an idea. The man was Laroy S. Starrett; his idea was 'to invent something useful that people would want.' Countless others have had a similar idea, the difference here was in the quality of the man. L.S. Starrett’s outstanding characteristic was confidence in himself; he was a man who in spite of one setback after another refused to admit defeat. He had unusual ability, vision and enterprise, but without his high courage this story of the foundation and growth of 'the world’s greatest toolmakers' could never have been written..."

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Brazil is able to secure its position in the agricultural ranking with Starrett® quality Starrett® offers special cutting lines for food products that may contribute to Brazilian quality in agricultural production and in the protein chain.

Starrett®, renowned for its cutting solutions for the metal–mechanical industry, wood industry and construction sector, also makes Band Saws and Band Knives for food products with the same recognized quality. Brazil is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers, particularly in the animal protein segment. According to the biannual report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released late last year, Brazilian beef production is 10.2 million tons, and is expected to rise 10% this year, with the possible increase of exports to Russia. The market for pork is also promising, with production of 3.3 million tons/year and a growth outlook of an additional two million tons in 2016. In the poultry sector, Brazil for the last few years has maintained leadership on the international market, exporting 3.8 million tons. The overall production is 13.1 million tons.

To ensure Brazil’s positions in these rankings, with quality, Starrett® contributes a complete line of Band Saws and Band Knives for Food Products. Manufactured in stainless steel or high-carbon steel, all blades have hardened and ground teeth that provide very fast, precise cuts, wasting less material and leaving the meat looking better. Band Saw blades are manufactured in sizes of 13mm, 16mm and 19mm, the most commonly used in Brazil.

Starrett® Blades - The MeatKutter™ Premium (MKP) model is made of polished High-Carbon Steel, is suitable for butcheries, slaughterhouses and supermarkets, and cuts meat with or without bones – fresh or frozen, poultry and fish. The MeatKutter™ Stainless Steel (MKS) has the same indications and applications as the MKP, with the advantage of being manufactured in stainless steel, which can be washed without the risk of rusting. In the MK line, Starrett® also offers the MeatKutter™ Frozen (MKF) model, a blade made of polished high-carbon steel with a variety of tooth types and widths (from 16mm to 50mm), indicated for frozen meat and fish. It has a saw-set specially developed for cutting fish.

For high production of frozen food products, Starrett® offers the MeatKutter™ Frozen Bi-Metal (MKB) model, produced in High Speed Bi-Metal Steel, with hardened teeth and back that provide greater durability for these specific types of cutting.

For cold storage facilities, slaughterhouses, animal processing and recycling industries, Starrett® offers the CarcassKutter™ Premium (CKP) model Band Saw, which performs clean, precise cuts and requires less effort from the operator. This blade can be used on practically all machines available on the market.

All Starrett® Band Saw Blades for Food Products are identified with laser etching and have a traceability system corresponding to international food safety regulations.

Band Knives – These blades, certified by Starrett® quality, are manufactured both in High-Carbon Steel (BK model), and Stainless Steel (BKS model) and have a polished finish and heat treatment. The teeth are double beveled, specially designed for smooth, clean cuts without loss of material. Both Band Knives are suitable for cutting fresh boneless meat, fish, bacon, cold cuts, vegetables, etc., and can be used in supermarkets,

butcheries and food industries in general, meeting all Health Surveillance Department requirements.

For not only meats but also food products in general, Starrett® ensures safe and quality solutions to contribute to Brazil’s record projections both in the protein chain and in agricultural production.

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Starrett® MeatKutter ™

Starrett® MeatKutter ™ Frozen Band Saw for Food Products provides a lower cost per cut Starrett®...

Starrett Industria e Comercio Ltda Av. Laroy Starrett, 1880 13306-900 Itu Brazil +55 1121188200


Starrett® Band Knives

Starrett® Band Knives: Cuts with no waste and excellent finish Suitable for fresh boneless meat,...

Starrett Industria e Comercio Ltda Av. Laroy Starrett, 1880 13306-900 Itu Brazil +55 1121188200


Band Saws for food processing

Total quality in the manufacture of Band Saws for food processing Starrett® is part of a key...

Starrett Industria e Comercio Ltda Av. Laroy Starrett, 1880 13306-900 Itu Brazil +55 1121188200


Maintenance and conservation of band saw machines and blades

In addition to opting for equipment with proven quality for the food industry, with Starrett®, users...

Starrett Industria e Comercio Ltda Av. Laroy Starrett, 1880 13306-900 Itu Brazil +55 1121188200

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