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Faster and more economical than the conventional water immersion or run-off autoclaves in the market, the VAP'O batch autoclaves are the most economical solution to sterilize and pasteurize all types of packaged agro-food and pharmaceutical products.


Directly Integrable in any existing environment and compatible with all types of baskets and conveyor or loading systems, the VAP'O autoclaves of STERITECH are designed as an improvement on your present equipment and suitable on all production lines.


A faster heat treatment requiring less water and energy



  • Better thermal control by means of the ultrafine regulation of temperature (±0.5°C), pressure (± 0,003 bar) and quantities of steam and water.

  • Guarantee of the Optimum  Fo value, controlled and adjusted in real time by the Optimal Fo Control

  • The  PowerSpray system vaporizes a reduced quantity of water uniformly over the entire surface of the products

  • Faster and more homogenous heat transfers with Rocking System, the patented stirring system

  • Complete integrity guaranteed for all your packaging including flexible, by means of the STERITECH Pack Sensor



Management, control and total traceability… easier, automatic and transparent



  • Touch screen monitor, SCADA or SIEMENS control system and Steriweb software

  • Continuous control of input/output status and real time optimization of all the parameters

  • Management and integral traceability of all information and data and curves of the last 600 cycles, adjustments, interventions, intrusions, users...

  • Network connection, remote management and automatic download of software  updates

  • Open measurement and control interface, with Ethernet, Profibus and SQL



A completely customized scalable solution



  • Nearly 30 models of different diameters and sizes integrated into any existing environment

  • Your autoclave is entirely assembled, configured, integrated and optimized custom made according to your needs

  • A customized and scalable solution that will fit all your constraints and requirements.


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