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About Us

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STOMMPY® was born in 2000 thanks to Luca Gatti and Marco Chiarini’s pioneer foresight, they have been working in the industrial refrigeration field for many years, when they realized that what the market was asking for was not yet available: HIGH QUALITY PROTECTION SYSTEMS. They suddenly realized that their ideas could be the answer to this growing demand and it’s not by chance that now STOMMPY® is the world leader in cutting-edge shockproof safety devices on workplaces! The Team is constantly committed to significant improvements on products: bollards, guardrails, aligning brake rails, shockproof plates, hygienic skirtings, wall cladding sheets, column bumpers, loading bay buffers, trolley brakings, road marker and, last but not least, the brand new modular bollard.

All products are designed to absorb the energy and transmit it into the floor, not damaging it following an impact! Our performances are certified by external Safety Associations, in particular regarding the non-toxicity of the materials used, the maximum impact force withstandable, watertightness, mechanical strength, laboratory tests, HACCP compliance, recyclability.

STOMMPY® offers a complete and professional service to its Customers, which starts from a technical inspection of the critical and risky points at the plant, along with on-site consultation and analysis, proceeding with the development of our best offer and a clear and comprehensive graphic design of the proposed solutions, then followed by an installation service carried out by our experienced and skilled technicians, equipped with professional equipment that ensures a rapid and clean service, also available to provide ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services, thereby supplying maximum efficiency of our protection systems at all times.

Having a leading role in the field of bumpers, STOMMPY® is constantly among the products that have the highest number of attempts of imitation on the market, but no one has been able yet to provide the quality and efficiency of the real STOMMPY®, still the best investment for companies.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to hygienically, safely and efficiently protect doors, walls and equipment in your workplace but also to safeguard the health and safety of your workers, STOMMPY® is the partner you’re looking for and you can finally say goodbye to unnecessary and costly repairs to your structures!


Range of services

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Our jewel in the crown is our R&D Department, four engineers totally dedicated to improving existing products and creating new ones. A very cohesive team that designed and created our PATENTED best shots:


  • Tecklene®, a polymer with high technical performances and compliant to HACCP guidelines, thanks to its certified Non-toxicity; using Tecklene ®, we were first to introduce the parameter of controlled elasticity in shockproof protection systems, increasing the mechanical shock resistance to values never thought before; we have completely eliminated the problems of rust and paint removal from surfaces, and obtained the certification for eligibility to use in food processing environments and pharmaceutical-hospital sector.




  • FIXA Block System®, the intelligently simple anchoring system, internationally patented. It's a new generation anchoring system with a performance 40% better than standard systems. With a simple but effective mechanism, is able to expand the teeth of a steel crown against the wall of the floor, blocking the anchor until the end of stroke and making the bumper ready for use, even if the mixture cement is not completely dry. We grant your floor for 5 YEARS*! * under pre-defined technical conditions, due to technical specifications of the materials used for your floor.


R&D team decided to get external certifications regarding the high performances of STOMMPY® products, in order to give evidence of the real made in Italy high quality, not only perceived by Customers but proven by professionals! So, in the last years we tested the highest resistance to an impact and the result is that:


  • Our GUARDRAIL stops a 4.030 tons vehicle at 14.9 km/h (please see the video on YOUTUBE “STOMMPY® Guardrail - Certified Crash Test”)

  • Our BOLLARD stops a 4.030 tons vehicle at 12.74 km/h (please see the video on YOUTUBE “STOMMPY® World Record Bollard - Certified Crash Test”)


If you want to have a complete overview on applications and products, please see our video on YOUTUBE “STOMMPY® Virtual Tour”, you’ll see our complete product range placed as if it were in your company, just to show how could you protect your plants and your colleagues!

STOMMPY®, your safety, our rule!


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IFFA 2016

07.05.2016 - 12.05.2016 Hall: 9.1 Stand: F 69