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bibol more than ten years of know-how!

bibol: a cooperative fair and ecological

At the end of the 70's, I, Little Moon, was 13 years old.  A peasant girl, I left Vietnam alone for France. I studied and learnt French. After 20 years of a professional career in France, I decided to return to visit my home land, with my husband. Together we discovered the Vietnam countryside, from which I only had known my small village. During our traveling in Vietnam, our desire was essential a way to develop a fair trade system: to present the know how of the ancestral Vietnamese craftsmen in France. To combine tradition and durable development, fair trade and economic growth for the Crafts people. So we create bibol. bibol conceives and underlines the ecological & artisanal products in bamboo.  

bibol & fair trade

Little Moon started to work in the fields when she was 8 years old. She had experienced herself, of small children working like adults, misery, The lack of prospects and of an real future, motivated Little Moon. She and her husband have been establishing a fairer way to produce bowls made from bamboo. The craftsmen, in exchange of decent wages, work and engage with: - to prevent children from working,  - to register their children for school,  - to replant the natural resources that they uses,  - to limit their CO2 emissions.

bibol & ecology

The bamboo is still omnipresent in the Vietnamese culture, ie: in the gastronomy: chopsticks and bamboo shoots, in the architecture: scaffolds, drains, partitions and frames - while passing by paper and penmanship, clothing and furniture. Insidiously the plastic and the concrete replace it step by step. However, bamboo is a resource with undeniable qualities: flexible, solid, resistant, growing quickly, stabilizing the soil and converting CO2. The preservation of its usage is the guarantee of the continuation of its culture.

Range of services

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Manufacture: several weeks

Each product is hand made by Vietnamese craftsmen. With these ancient crafts, bibol combines paints and varnishes clean and foodsafe, without solvent neither volatile organic component, environmentally friendly and compliant with REACH.  

ZAO: the oil-colour

The range of ZAO regroups the clear natural oil colourings. The lightness of these products will amaze you. All bibol products are designed for the usage of foodstuff.  

SUN MAI: the lacquer

The range of SUN MAI gathers the lacquer products: Twelve shinny colors. Twelve layers give to our lacquers this brilliance and this depth. Solvent-free, formaldehyde-free, with no VOCs (volatile organic compound) our paints are clean. Our products meet the true criteria of food contact Europeans and Americans, both inside and outside. They also respect the nomenclature REACH.  

MAT: The matt range.

These products are so soft to the touch and so appeasing to watch, that one forgets that one can eat in it every day. Hand-made, solvent-free, formaldehyde-free, with no volatile organic components, they respect the environment and the craftsmen who make them. A great pleasure to use every day.

KHAM: eggshell marquetry

Those bibol products encrusted with egg shell. This material is always recycled, decorates the precious objects while bringing solidity and distinction. These mosaics with the delicate marbling are obtained from the incrustation of duck egg shell. Available in various sizes and various colours: they will bring elegance and refinement into your interior. All products are designed for the usage of foodstuff.


ZAO: Natural range

Bamboo tableware, ecological, for every day, for all meals. Light, silent, clean, respectful of the...

bibol 3 chemin du Puits du Bosquet 60300 Apremont France +33 954571830


KHAM range

The kham range includes bibol products encrusted with real duck eggshell. It is a long and...

bibol 3 chemin du Puits du Bosquet 60300 Apremont France +33 954571830


CHAN - coffee table

Sweet moments to share Low table for appetizer, teatime, and why not a bedtime table, thanks to...

bibol 3 chemin du Puits du Bosquet 60300 Apremont France +33 954571830

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