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The idea behind a flexible shaft assembly as it is offered here, is that the user does not hold a heavy weight tool in his hand, but that the drivemotor is somewhere away from the user. Only a flexible shaft leads to him and he holds and operates only with the light weight handpiece.

The Turbo Trim motor is supplied as an electric motor, single phase and can be ordered for either 120 V 60 Hz or 230 V 50 Hz use. The power input is about 1/3 HP or 250 W and uses an Amperage of about 4.2 A under full load and in the start-up phase 20 A. The classification is a Class B insulation IP 55. The weight is approximately 15 kg or 33 lbs.

The flexible shaft is connected to it and transmits the rotary power to the handpiece. The shaft grease is of course food safe.

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The handpiece then produces the result: On one side it connects with the flexible shaft, whereas on the other side, the rotating blade is the true tool: With it the meat is cut, the boning is done, etc. Different size blades are available: 35, 50, 70, 90 and 100 mm in diameter.

As an alternative, the user can have the handpiece with the blade as a pneumatic tool. Then the electric motor is superfluous together with the flexible shaft. It just has to be made sure that the air pressure at the machine is 6.3 bar or 90 PSI with a delivered airvolume of about 0.4 m3/min. or 14 cfm.