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SUREFAS B.V. is the company behind products like PERFIX®, Q-SNAP® and CAF-316®. Since 2003 the SUREFAS team is dedicated to improve fastening systems for industrial textiles. Born out of pure frustration over current systems to fasten covers and spray hoods on boats, the applications of today are numerous. A strong team of technical inventors, high quality production facilities and an excellent feeling for customer needs is determined to bring real solutions to this market worldwide.

The SUREFAS team is proud of the recognition by several awards for innovative products of many industry organisations by, like: ShowStopper at IFAI EXPO 2013 and 2014, HISWA-Award, METS DAME-Award (special mention) and New Venture.

In the meantime, our products are not only a relief for water-sport fans. Nowadays applications go from cabriolet cars to baby trawlers, from windshields and sunshades to swimming pool covers and from bags to furniture.

 “It is astounding how much influence has such a small  part as a press button on the mood of the users. We are determined to offer real solutions, which are of a high quality and elaborated in the smallest details for consumer, cover makers and boat builders.” George Veldhoen, inventor.

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The first invention PERFIX® was born out of irritation on the protruding parts staying on deck with existing fastening systems. The pins snag your ropes or rip your clothing and are even dangerous because of risks for injuries. The PERFIX® fastening system has smooth, round fixing points, is secured and is easy to release under all conditions. Moreover the high-qualified plastic material, which guarantees a durable and corrosion free fixing, is reason for the enthusiasm of many sailors and boat owners. Special developed tools are made for easy and quick mounting for the cover maker. In the meantime PERFIX® is accepted and used worldwide among others on the prestigious sailing-ship Maltese Falcon and other well-known brands of ships.

Frequent consultation with cover makers and other specialists resulted in the next invention: Q-SNAP®, a secure press fastener with stretch-function (lever), by which even children and people with less strength in their hands can easily work with it. While the speed of installation is the greatest benefit for the fabricator: up to 3 times faster than other secure fastener. The material is even seawater resistant (SS 316). Finally the cover maker can make the marine covers as tight as he wants to, while the system can be mounted as fast as a normal press button, also thanks to the smart pre-assembling of the parts. With this system as well various smart tools are developed for a quick installation. For every occasion in which a fabric has to be fixed quickly and with tension the Q-SNAP® is the solution.

CAF-316® is the only press fastener in 316 stainless steel making it even seawater resistant. Probably nobody realizes that the press fasteners that are used in rough conditions like marine applications are not even resistant to sea water. Until now. True durability, because also the spring inside is made of special stainless steel quality, making sure the fasteners performance is stable over time and use, no matter the conditions.



...Solved! PERFIX®, safe and secure _NO PINS PERFIX® does not involve protruding pins, sharp...

SUREFAS, next generation fasteners Van der Hoevenplein 62 3072 MK Rotterdam Netherlands +31 184 694456



...Solved! Q-SNAP®, tight and easy _TIGHT and secure connection Q-SNAP is a press fastener,...

SUREFAS, next generation fasteners Van der Hoevenplein 62 3072 MK Rotterdam Netherlands +31 184 694456

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