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About Us

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Comfort, Quality and Design

About us!

Têxteis Evaristo Sampaio Ltd began its business back in 1940, by setting up a small manual spinning and weaving mill next to the river, so it could be powered by the running water.

In 1970, this small traditional unit became a sole proprietorship, and in 1982 the company Têxteis Evaristo Sampaio Ltd, was formed. That is the reason why we enjoy a great tradition in the market.

Sited in a region with a significant tradition of textile industry, we have developed our business in the home fabrics sub-sector of the textile sector, manufacturing wool fabrics, processing the raw material, making fibres and yarns, and producing blankets and covers for the final market.

At present, we are, without any doubt, one of the most modern manufacturing units of the home fabrics sub-sector having the most up to date technology, an indoor working area of over 20,000 m2 and a production capacity of 1,000,000 metres of fabric and 2500,000 kg of thread per year:

We have 120 employers.



Our company is characterized by verticality. Therefore, in order to achieve even better control of our product, we have batch preparation, carding, spinning, weaving, finishing and packaging sections. The only phase we do not do ourselves is the dying.


Seriousness, hard work, reliability, credibility, respect and honour.

We believe that the business is well done only when our client is satisfied.


Providing blankets, covers, yarns of high quality and value, at the best possible price and within previously established deadlines, trying progressively to conquer the most demanding markets.


The Quality policy of Têxteis Evaristo Sampaio, Ltd. is geared towards constant improvement and is based on the following principles:

. Involving all the members of our staff in the process of implementing and maintaining Quality Management System;

. Establishing a relationship with our clients in order to be able to respond promptly and efficiently to their needs and expectations, so as to ensure their full satisfaction;

. Verifying all the requirements of our clients (including the legal standards);

. To motivate, train and qualify all the members of our staff, making them aware of the importance of their individual efforts in the quality of the production processes, of the products and of the image of Têxteis Evaristo Sampaio Ltd;

. Working in partnership with our suppliers to ensure improvement in the quality of the acquired products and services;

. Providing the necessary means and resources for the system implementation.

The Company has been certified by international standard NP EN ISO 9002 since October 2000 and by NP EN ISO 9001:2000 since September 2002.

Quality means the full satisfaction of requirements.

Quality means surprising the client.

Quality is providing a better service than the last time.

Product Development

At Têxteis Evaristo Sampaio Ltd, we attach special importance to product development, putting into practice our wish to manufacture products in keeping with our clients’ expectations.

In developing our new products we always bear in mind the following aspects:

. Fashion and its trends;

. Final characteristics of the product;

. How appropriate it is for the proposed use

. Comfort and safety.

We closely follow fashion trends.

We want to provide you with products with a special touch ... we also believe that all useful things should also be beautiful!


Our intention is to offer you more than comfort.

Manufacturing our products with their innovating design, we want your home to be in vogue.

Raw materials

We carefully select the raw materials we use to guarantee the highest quality in our products.

That is why we always favour raw materials recognized as being genuine.

We select the best raw materials so we can manufacture top quality products


Did you know that at the initial phase of our production process we reclaim fibres, and transform them into highly comfortable textile products?

The environment is included in our value chain, and that is why we invest decisively in environmental management.

ISO 14001

Production Process

At Têxteis Evaristo Sampaio Ltd, we transform the raw materials starting from the preliminary preparation phase, to the finishing and packaging of ready products.

The only service we outsource for is dying.

The process can be summed up as follows:

. Batch preparation

. Carding

. Spinning

. Weaving preparation

. Weaving

. Dying (outsourced)

. Dry finishing

. Wet finishing

. Packaging


We use the most recent technology.

We work with optimised processes.

We have specialized staff.


The products made by us, are of different composition, from 100% wool, 100% cotton, 100% Lambswool and 100% acrylic, to mixed composition items composed of wool combined with other fibres, such as, cotton, polyester and acrylics.

As for Design, we stand out for our blankets and covers of innovative design, apart from the traditional taffetas and twills of different patterns and colour schemes.

When we manufacture our yarns we always have our clients’ full satisfaction in mind.

Our products:

. Yarns

. Throws

. Blankets

. Nursery Items

We make our products thinking of you, because we want you to feel... even better!


Only with the highest quality yarns

can the best fabrics be made.


We want you to feel warm, cosy and light.


They are also used to protect your from the cold!

Official supplier


It can only be fluffy, comfortable and very pretty...


We believe that, in order to satisfy our clients’ needs, apart from providing them with products meeting the desired characteristics, always on time and at a competitive price, we must provide them with our fast and efficient after-sales assistance services For that purpose we have a team of professionals always ready to provide a response to our clients’ needs.

The other product we wish to provide you with.


We are a Company geared to exporting and we understand the global market as such.

Therefore, our products are sold in the following countries:

. Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Russia;

. Lebanon


. Angola, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

. Australia


Texteis Evaristo Sampaio, S.A. Trinta 6301-904 Trinta-Guarda Portugal +351 271/590000 contaco@evaristosampaio.pt


Texteis Evaristo Sampaio, S.A. Trinta 6301-904 Trinta-Guarda Portugal +351 271/590000 contaco@evaristosampaio.pt


Texteis Evaristo Sampaio, S.A. Trinta 6301-904 Trinta-Guarda Portugal +351 271/590000 contaco@evaristosampaio.pt


Texteis Evaristo Sampaio, S.A. Trinta 6301-904 Trinta-Guarda Portugal +351 271/590000 contaco@evaristosampaio.pt

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