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ONYX Tester : Automatic tester for 12V / 24V alternators and starters

Check automatically ALL your alternators and starters in less than 2 mins

The ONYX Tester, real spearhead of TMA’s products, is the most complete and innovative solution on the global market, and represents the future of the universal smart test equipment for 12/24V alternators and starters.

Thanks to its advanced computer technology, its integrated scalable database with over 190 000 alternator references and its mechanical design carefully studied, the ONYX Tester allows complete control of all alternator signals in less than 1 min with a total security for the operator.

Accessible to both novices and experts, this user-friendly tool, with its modern and intuitive interface, brings an operating proof of the products tested, and prevents warranty returns of smoothly running units.

Its powerful built-in calculator checks all signals delivered by alternators, including computerized serial communication protocols as BSS, LIN 1&2, RVC, PCM, C Terminal……

The ONYX Tester can be easily updated via Internet/Ethernet connection or USB key, in order to remain at the cutting edge of emerging technologies.

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TMA - Test My Alternator

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Technical Features :

Dimensions : 800 x 520 x 450 mm
Weight : 90 kg
Power : 220 V,  50/60 Hz, 2.24kW
Rotation : 3000 rpm test speed, CW and CCW
Batteries : 2 Built-in batteries 12 V 45 Ah with automated charge verification
Screen : 10,4 ’’ touch screen
Plugs : Specialized hookup kit and plugs
Belts : V and poly-V belts included
Printer : Built-in receipt printer
Connection : USB / Internet / Ethernet

Tested products : any king of 12V or 24V alternators (no power limit), any kind of 12V or 24V starters
Measured parameters : Leakage current - Charging lamp - CPU Control  - Tachometer output - Ripple voltage - Regulation voltage - Load current - Field current DF/DFM - Sensing
Communication Protocols : LIN (1.3, 2.0, 2.1), BSD/BSS (1, 2), RVC, C Terminal, PCM
Database : More than 190 000 alternator references
Automatic Mode : Automated Exhaustive electrical test
Simple Manual Mode : Adjustable parameters, & Life time test
Starter Test : Complete electrical test & free rotation run
Printing results : Detailed test reports with a Pass or Fail stamp
Operating System : Windows CE with graphic Touchscreen

Languages : Many languages available in the software
Production : Made in France, CE Certified
Warranty : One year warranty, parts & workshop labour, and phone support

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