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Endowed professorship of Textile Plastic Composites

The endowed professorship “Textile Plastic Composites” combines textile technology, textile machine design, mechanical engineering, plastics technology and mechanics in an interdisciplinary team. The focus of research is on the parallel alignment and link of the value chains of textile and plastics processing for the production of large series compatible, textile-reinforced plastic composites. The knowledge and technology transfer from research into collaborations with industry and business creates the common foundations for technology and product innovations. The focus is on the practical implementation of the requirements for sustainability, resource conservation and energy efficiency in textile-based lightweight technologies and products. The endowed professorship presents itself with exemplary and well-chosen lightweight applications in large series multi-material designs.

Endowed Professorship of Technical Textiles & Textile Mechanical Components

Main object of running research projects is to develop more efficient tension members and suspension elements for mechanical engineering, especially for machinery and equipment for materials handling and hoisting applications, and to ensure their effective manufacturing.

Based on the results of the InnoZug project, following subject-specific priorities can be determined for the endowed professorship:


  • Completion of systematic research on textile mechanical components

  • Derivation of models for analytic estimation of the life cycle of technical mechanical components

  • Designing of measuring procedures for recognition and measurement of the state of damage

  • Development of appropriate processing methods and finishing processes

  • Creation of new conveyor systems by applicating textile mechanical components


The endowed professorships are supported by the German Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF).

Professorship of Textile Technologies

The professorship of Textile Technologies was re-established at the TU Chemnitz in May 2014. The research topics range from issues of traditional textile clothing to high-performance textiles made of, for example, carbon or metallic materials. The focus is on process development for new applications, construction and modification of textile machinery and product developments. The main tasks are the development of technical textiles for fiber reinforced composites, reinforced concrete and metallic composites.

Range of services

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Endowed professorship of Textile Plastic Composites


  • Consulting in technology and application related design and production of textile based composite components and structures

  • Mechanical tests of textile reinforced plastics for determination complex structure-property-relationships (strength, stiffness, energy absorption)

  • Physical-chemical characterization of plastics and composites (thermal analysis)

  • Education and advanced training in textile engineering and textile technology for specific reinforcement structures in composite applications


Endowed Professorship of Technical Textiles & Textile Mechanical Components


  • Inspection, standardised testing and practically relevant testing (strength, wear and tear, creep behaviour, behaviour in spooling and winding applications, etc.)

  • Advanced training (rope technology, finishing technology, inspection and testing)

  • Compilation of expertises (strength and fatigue analysis / analysis of potentials for optimisation, evaluation of load scenarios and resulting damage and wear)

  • Development and design (development of rope constructions and rope applications, optimisation of rope properties by coating and finishing, prototyping)


Chair of Textile Technologies


  • Advice on the selection, design and manufacture of textile structures

  • Analysis, development and construction of textile machinery and components

  • Support for product development, pattern and prototype production

  • Education and training in all textile technologies


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