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The 3664P7 represent a resistance welding system controlled by a microprocessor and  with an inverter technology welding gun with built-in  transformer matches the systems suitable for car body repair applications. The combination of these two technologies creates an efficient machine. The 3664P7 is fully automatic.

In the Smart Plus mode, the touch-screen display welding control is able to recognize automatically the type and thickness of the sheets to be welded by relying on sensors placed within the gun. This feature simplifies the operator's work as the software automatically sets specific welding parameters ensuring the best welding quality without needing to rely on particular skills.

This system is recommended especially for HSS which will be widely used in future car models.

By means of a USB flash memory, it is also possible to upload new welding programs or send to a PC the results of the welding process for a further elaboration.

This low energy consumption represents the solution to the problems of car body repair shops having low mains supply. At the same time, however, this technology ensures the highest quality of welding since the transformer enables to deliver the current needed to ensure a perfect welding as per the prescriptions of car manufactures. 

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Supply voltage 400V

Mains frequency 50/60 Kz

Mains protection (delayed) 25-32A

Protection rating 21IP

Weight 130kg

Different voltages and frequencies are availabe on demand.

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