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Product description

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The A/C 930BX is a fully automated station for oil recovery, recycling and injection, charging R134A refrigerant gas and microleak detection for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and agricultural vehicles.

The A/C 930BX is an advanced station with all the features and capabilities needed to work with the A/C systems in modern

vehicles and to comply with the latest legislation: such as special programmes for flushing systems in hybrid vehicles, and electronic weighing scales for precise management of the quantity of refrigerant used to charge the vehicle. All operations are transferable to a PC using a USB key.

The A/C 930BX gives you the tools to offer an even more professional service:

with extremely high precision pressure sensors integrated in the machine and state of the art diagnostic functions, even the tiniest leaks can be detected, letting you certify that your client's air conditioning system is in perfect working order.

Micro-loss detection is performed completely automatically and requires no specific operator skills.

Main Characteristics

- Completely automatic station with 2 separate electronic weighing scales for oil and 1 electronic weighing scale for refrigerant.

- Passenger Car, Commercial Vehicle, Truck and Agricultural Vehicle database, updated with USB key or via connection to PC USBport.

The database provides information on the correct quantities of refrigerant and oil needed for each vehicle, as well as the type of oil, which is increasingly subject to manufacturer specifications.

- Report print-outs with USB key or with optional internal printer.

- Possibility of printing out prior jobs with “Last Jobs” function.

- Flushing cycle.

- Freon charge statistics function, in accordance with EU legislation.

- High precision pressure sensor for user selectable automatic leak or micro-leak detection function during charging cycle.

Quicker to use, as the pressure hold test cycle is performed automatically instead of by the operator.

- Automatic service indicator for pump filter and oil replacement.

- Charge hose length compensation.

- Integrated RTC (date and time) function, which is necessary for compliance with legislation for handling refrigerant.

- Safety system with automatic cut-out in case of overpressure or full refrigerant bottle.

- Incondensable gas discharge device.

- Digital pressure readout during pressure hold test stage for greater precision. - High brightness, high visibility displa

Contact details

Tecnomotor S.p.A.

Via Modena 34
42015 Correggio (RE)


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Technical features

- Refrigerant: R134A

- Operating temperature: 5 – 50 °C

- Refrigerant tank capacity: 10 Kg

- Filter capacity: 55 Kg recovered freon

- Oil tank: 2 x 180 ml

- Hoses: 300 cm SAE-J2196

- Power supply: 220-240 V 50/60 Hz

- Refrigerant weighing scales: 5 g resolution

- Oil weighing scales: 1 g resolution

- Vacuum pump: 100 l/min

- Rotary compressor: 6.45 cc.

- Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 45 cm

- Weight (approx.): 60 Kg

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