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Our company was founded in 1896 as Teikoku Seibo Kabushiki Kaisha (Imperial Hat-Makers. Ltd.) and became renowned for the high-quality of its hats for gentlemen. Before the era of rapid economic expansion in Japan, the company was regarded as one of the top three business in Hamamatsu, which remains as a source of our pride today.

In the late 1950s, our company began research and development into felt pen nibs, making use of the felt pen nibs, making use of the felt, the main fabric used in hats, and felt-processing technology. Although demand for high-quality gentlemen’s hats was declining, our company achieved continued growth by developing this new business area. In 1981, the company name was changed to the current Teibow Co. Ltd. and the transition to the marking pen of business was complete.

Expanding Markets

The marking pen market comes in a wide variety to suit different national cultures and individual preferences, and each type of pen nibs has its own performance characteristics. By addressing the challenges of those demands, over time we have accumulated the technology to mass-produce a broad spectrum of high-quality products in small lots. We are now known as the world leader in the manufacture of pen nibs.

With the advent of the personal computer, there was period concern that people would write less on paper, but it now seems that the act of ‘writing’ is somehow fundamental and the demand for marker pens continues to grow unabated. And with the rising living standards in many Asian countries, we look forward to even greater growth in the future.

Discipline, Integrity, Cooperation, Productivity, professionalism

This is our corporate motto, first established in 1936, showing our commitment is not fundamental principles. However, our commitment is not solely to the preserving of tradition, but also to the changes that enable new creativity.

At Teibow, we invest great energy into maintaining our stature as a leading company, both in adapting to the rising demand for markers, and in developing our other main line of business, metal injection molding (MIM). We also strive to strike out in new directions and become known as a parts supplier and good business partner to companies in other fields, such as cosmetics and industry.

Range of services

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Markers have found uses in many areas, filling unique niches and building a new image for writing implements. Teibow’s nibs business is built on an accumulation of technologies generated by research and development into nibs, the most important component of the marker, and supplies the makers of writing instruments worldwide under the strictest quality control and production standards. Our reputation for quality has earned us a strong position in product markets.

The nibs division also utilizes technologies in an increasingly diverse range of products, including applications in cosmetics and medical uses. The nibs business leads the world in market share, handling around 2,400 different products per year, producing approximately 350 million units every month, and serving more than 50 countries around the world.


Plastic Nibs

Teibow plastic nibs ushered in a new era of fineliners, and the applications continue to grow. The...

Teibow Co., Ltd. 1-2-1 Mukojuku, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu 430-0851 Shizuoka Japan +81 53 4613191 t.hasegawa@teibow.co.jp


Felt Nibs

Felt is origin of nibs for markers. Nibs are made from various non-oriented-fiber felts made from...

Teibow Co., Ltd. 1-2-1 Mukojuku, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu 430-0851 Shizuoka Japan +81 53 4613191 t.hasegawa@teibow.co.jp

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