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For the last 20 years of its operation as a successful and profitable company, Telematics Wireless, a spin-off subsidiary from the leading Defense Communication vendor, Tadiran Communications, has developed and delivered cutting edge wireless communications solutions for M2M applications with over 10 million wireless devices deployed in the US alone and above 14 million globally. Applications include Automatic Meter Reading/Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Smart Grid, Terrestrial Vehicle Location and Street Light Monitoring and Control.

Since 2008, Telematics Wireless is a fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Engineering - ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte Ltd.

Based on its extensive experience in wireless defense communications and years of design and production of the most robust and reliable metropolitan  Wireless Wide Area Networks (WAN) for civilian applications, Telematics Wireless has developed the T-Light family – a wireless control systems for smart street lighting. Several solutions are available – each optimally adapted to the specific customers' requirements, deployment environment, and other conditions.

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Telematics proposes 2 technologies for Street Light control – T-Light Galaxy and T-Light Pro. Utilizing different wireless techniques, both systems provide similar functionality for controlling and monitoring street lights. Main features are:


  • Web-based Central management system

  • Node integrated with any type of LED fixture utilizing NEMA connection

  • Secure access and communication

  • Simple reports generation

  • Remote control of individual luminaire and groups of luminaires

  • Pre-programmed schedules for routine and real time management for special conditions

  • Pro-active maintenance supports

  • Full ‘Over-the-Air’ firmware upgrade capability



Usually, one of two different wireless communication topologies are proposed today by the vendors of Street light control solutions – either RF Mesh or Star topology.

Telematics Wireless’ innovation is that we propose two systems, each incorporating a separate topology in accordance with the approach “one size does not fit all”. Either RF Mesh (T-Light PRO) or Star (T-Light Galaxy) topology; can better serve in various environmental and urban conditions. Moreover, sometimes a combination of the two will be the optimal choice. We see these two topologies not as competing but complimentary solutions each delivering its unique advantages.

Both Galaxy and Pro networks were implemented for various applications providing self-contained solutions (including the AMR, AMI, Terrestrial asset monitoring, water resource management etc.) Implementing these technologies for Street Light Control uniquely positions these networks as a generic backbone/platform for various Smart City applications.

No other vertical application is better suited for such approach than Smart Street Light control. Imagine – we are enabling a wireless communication cloud over the city (or other coverage area) when every point inside this area is not more than few tens or maximum few hundreds of meters to the closest street light luminaire equipped with small radio device that can serve as a gateway to the network and further – to the outside world . All you need now for connecting any type of sensor in the coverage area to the network is a simple, short range and low cost communication link between the sensor and the nearest luminaire. The network design from the capacity perspective takes into account addition of many sensors beyond the street lighting. These applications can be added to the network at any time during the life span.


T-Light - Central Management Software

T-Light CMS is a powerful and intuitive fully-featured management solution for smart lighting...

Telematics Wireless Ltd. Hamelacha 26 58117 Holon Israel +972 35575750


T-Light™ DCU Galaxy

T-Light DCU Galaxy is a principal component of the T-Light Galaxy long-range street light control...

Telematics Wireless Ltd. Hamelacha 26 58117 Holon Israel +972 35575750


T-Light™ DCU2 Pro

The T-Light Data Communication Unit 2 Pro, DCU2 Pro, utilizes an RF Mesh topology to manage...

Telematics Wireless Ltd. Hamelacha 26 58117 Holon Israel +972 35575750


T-Light LCU Internal

T-Light LCU (Light Control Unit ) Internal is a light pole control unit, easily installed inside the...

Telematics Wireless Ltd. Hamelacha 26 58117 Holon Israel +972 35575750



T-Light™ LCU External is a luminaire control unit easily installed utilizing either a standard...

Telematics Wireless Ltd. Hamelacha 26 58117 Holon Israel +972 35575750

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