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  • Gerliswilstr. 23
  • 6020 Emmenbrücke
  • Switzerland

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About Us

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SWICOFIL is your global partner for yarn and fiber specialities and for high tech solutions.

SWICOFIL has passion for success and would like to be the first company YOU think of when YOU have to solve sourcing of specialities or when YOU have to develop a product with new functional properties.

SWICOFIL customers are innovative and novelty oriented companies using yarns and fibers in all industrial segments such as:

    technical engineering

    automotive, wind power, sports, construction, outer space

    medical + health

    for supports and in-body solutions

    communication + sensoring

    process  management, power supply, reflection

    filtration + separation

    solids, liquids, gaz


    against any condition eg. shielding, ESD, bacteria

    green + sustainability

    natural and biological

    luxury + jewellery

    for apparel, gadgets

    and all other yarn and fiber application fields where functionality, reliability, quality, flexibility and a perfect global sales service are vital for your success.

SWICOFIL customers enjoy a considerable reduction of R&D times and R&D costs - YOU benefit from the long term experience in yarn and fiber applications combined with the SWICOFIL  multi product approach.

SWICOFIL the reliable Swiss company in the heart of Europe is YOUR product development advisor, coach and supporter for new high tech solutions with all yarn and fiber specialities.

SWICOFIL means "from the World for the World" where sustainability in the choice of products and in the work attitude is of growing importance.

SWICOFIL is working with reliable high quality world suppliers. We are sourcing for you also commodities if pricing is correct. You have one partner only for all your yarn and fiber needs and you can expect complete information straight from the beginning (eg. offers).

SWICOFIL is also the sales team of Serge Ferrari Tersuisse who is a producer of specialities in polyester high tenacity yarns for industrial applications. These specialities are:

    Low wick

    Flame retardant yarns in combination with high tenacity and low shrinkage

    FDA-conform products

    Coloured yarns

    Yarns with improved UV-resistance

    Unusual counts

    Very shorts beams (minimal length: 10 m)

In PET h.t. we cover a wide range of counts (150 and 10'000dtex). This includes additional processing steps like


    Multiple twisting

    Airtexturing (taslan)

    Warping - Beaming

Range of services

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Yarn and Fiber specialities (not standards!) of natural, artificial and synthetic origin, namely:

cotton CO

flax, linen LI

hemp HA

apocynum APO

jute JU

ramie RA

bamboo BAM

banana BAN

sisal SI

polyester PET

polyamides PA

meta- and para-aramides m-Ar and p-Ar

polybutylene terephthalate PBT

polytrimethylene terephthalate PTT

polyvinyliden fluoride PVDF

polyvinyliden chloride PVDC

polyvinyl alcohol PVA

polyethylene HDPE

polypropylene PP

polytetrafluorethylene PTFE

polyvinylchloride PVC

polyetheretherketone PEEK

polymethylmethacrylate PMMA

polyphenylenesulfide PPS

liquid crystal polymer LCP

ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE

wool WO

camel WK

cashmere WS

silk SE

chitin CHI

viscose CV

acetate CA

Lyocell CLY

soybean protein SPF

casein (milk) CS

chitosan CHI

ceramic CEF

inox INX

copper CU

basalt CBF

silver AG

gold AU

Specialities of SWICOFIL are:


  • Plasma Gold + Silver coated filament yarns(also in In, Ms, Cu, Ti) substrate to be defined

  • PET high tenacity yarns with FDA approved spin finish

  • Flocked yarns

  • PVAL filament and spun yarns

  • CellSolution functional cellulosic yarns and fibers (bioactive, clima, anti-mosquito, energy, wellness)

  • Negative ion emitting yarns and fibers

  • Chitosan / Chitin yarns and fibers

  • Bonding and separation yarns

  • Vectran liquid crystal polymer yarns

  • UHMWPE filament yarns

  • Para- and Meta-Aramide yarns (spuns & filaments)

  • Other high performance yarns and fibers such as polyimides PI, PTFE etc.



Plasma metal coated filament yarns

Plasma coated yarns have five big advantages over the classical chemo-galvanic ones: a)    a much...

Swicofil AG (Tersuisse) Gerliswilstr. 23 6020 Emmenbrücke Switzerland +41 41/2673464 swicofil@swicofil.com

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