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The company TEXTECHNO Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Mr. Herbert Stein on April 1st, 1949 in Mönchengladbach, Germany. In more than 60 years of history the company has developed to one of the leading manufacturers of testing instruments for the textile and man made fibre industry. As a result of excellent reliability, innovative design and unique technical features, TEXTECHNO’s instruments are playing an important role in the quality control of the textile and manmade fibre industry.

Innovative technology, outstanding quality of manufacture, high productivity, and reliability in service are the key features of all TEXTECHNO products. The scope of supply includes fully-automatic testers for linear density, tensile strength, elastic properties, fatigue, shrink, crimp, interlace, friction, entanglement, imperfections, evenness, hairiness and fibre length as well as drapability. Besides the above scope of supply, TEXTECHNO also provides turn-key laboratory solutions for textile companies from one source, which include consulting, layout conception, installation, technical training and after-sales services.

TEXTECHNO is an internationally operating company, sales agents and service stations can be found in more then 60 countries worldwide. Furthermore TEXTECHNO is operating a sales office in Chemnitz, Germany, to serve the east European and former USSR countries market. In 2004 TEXTECHNO has taken over LENZING INSTRUMENTS in Lenzing, Austria.

LENZING INSTRUMENTS was founded in 1965 and started its business with the production of tensile- and linear density testing equipment for staple fibres. In the following years a wide range of quality testing instruments for staple fibres and filament yarns have been developed. A new field of activity is the online measurement (OLM) for the production of filament yarns, staple fibres and nonwovens.

Range of services

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TEXTECHNO offers instruments and testing solutions for technical/industrial fibres, yarns, and such as:


  •   FAVIMAT+ ROBOT2 for automatic linear-density and tensile testing on carbon fibers

  •   FAVIMAT+ for linear-density and tensile testing on aramid and UHMWPE fibers

  •   FAVIMAT+ for tensile testing on short-cut fibers, e.g. for reinforcement purposes starting with 3 mm length,

  •   COTTONSCOPE HD Rapid fibre diameter tester,

  •   DYNAFIL ME for shrinkage force tests on technical filament yarn

  •   STATIMAT 4U for automatic linear-density, twist and tensile testing on high-tenacity yarns, including Aramid or UHMWPE

  •   DRAPETEST Drapability tester for non-crimped fabrics


TEXTECHNO also provides well-established testers for filament yarn and man-made fibres,



  •   DYNAFIL ME+ Universal filament yarn tester for numerous applications like draw-force testing of POY, crimp testing of DTY and BCF, shrinkage testing of all kinds of yarns including monofilaments and ATY, optical entanglement test, measurement of friction and broken filaments,

  •   COMCOUNT Automatic linear density tester with sample preparation for spin finish analysis,

  •   COVAFIL+ Automatic capacitive evenness tester,



TECHTEXTIL 2015 – Online Präsenz


  •   PACKAGE CHANGERS SE (SM) Automatic package changer for 20 (2) yarn ends,

  •   DYNAFIL HD Heavy duty draw-force tester for fibre tows and coarse filament yarns,

  •   STATIMAT DS Automatic tensile, linear density and evenness/entanglement tester for yarn,

  •   STATIMAT 4U Automatic tensile tester for high-tenacity yarns, force measuring range up to 5.000 N. Special features like heavy duty clamps with patented automatically operated bollards and a - likewise patented - rotary clamp to apply a twist to the yarn prior to tensile testing, suitable for aramide and UHMPE (Ultra-High Molecular weight Polyethylene) yarns.

  •   STATIMAT ME+ Automatic tensile tester for yarns,

  •   STATIMAT MEL+ Automatic tensile and linear density tester for elastomeric yarns (Elastane, Spandex), elastic combination yarns and elastic fabrics,

  •   STATIGRAPH L Semi-automatic tensile tester for yarns and fabrics,

  •   TEXTURMAT ME+ Automatic crimp contraction- and shrinkage tester for yarns,

  •   YARN REEL TT electronic motor- driven reel for yarns,

  •   FAVIMAT AIROBOT2 Automatic optical crimp, mechanical crimp, linear density and tensile tester for single fibres (including carbon, aramid and UHMPE), tensionless storage of up to 500 single fibres,

  •   FAVIGRAPH Semi-automatic single fibre linear density- and tensile tester,

  •   COTTONSCOPE HD Rapid fibre diameter tester,

  •   FIBRESTRESS Bending-abrasion- and cyclic-stress tester for fibres and yarns.


A new line of TEXTECHNO is the new CottonControl line instruments for the spun-yarn industry:


  •   STATIMAT DS Automatic tensile, linear density and capacitive evenness tester for yarn,

  •   DYNAJET Automatic high-speed weak spot tester for spun yarn,

  •   FIBROTEST Semi-automatic fibre length and (absolute) strength tester for staple fibres,

  •   LENGTHCONTROL (LCT) Automatic fibre length tester for slivers, delivering valuable information for optimum setting of carding machine and draw-frame; based on Trützschlertechnology.

  •   COVATEST Automatic capacitive evenness tester for slivers, rovings any staple fibre spun yarns, including hairiness module

  •   TWIST TESTER TT Semi-automatic twist tester for yarns, threads and rovings,

  •   YARN REEL TT electronic motor- driven reel for yarns,

  •   WRAP REEL TT electronic motor- driven reel for slivers and rovings,

  •   CCS Complete Cotton Classifying System including Micronaire, fibre length, fibre strength (tenacity and elongation), whiteness and yellowness degree


This line of instruments will further be completed in the future.


At the Techtextil 2015, in Frankfurt, Germany, TEXTECHNO Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG, the experts for quality control systems, will be present to introduce new testing instruments for industrial fibres, yarns and fabrics.

The STATIMAT 4U is an automatic tensile tester for high-tenacity yarns with a force measuring range up to 5.000 N. Special features are heavy duty clamps with patented automatically operated bollards and a rotary clamp to apply a twist to the yarn prior to tensile testing, suitable for aramide and UHMPE (Ultra-High Molecular weight PolyEthylene) yarns.

COTTONSCOPE HD is the world's first automatic rapid image analysis system to measure fibre diameter of snippets from 0.5 to 50 microns. Measuring up to 20.000 fibres per minute, it provides measurements of mean diameter, distribution of diameter, length distribution (<0,5 mm), mean curvature and distribution of curvature.

A further highlight is the new automatic drapability tester DRAPETEST. This instrument TECHTEXTIL 2015 – Online Präsenz allows to automatically characterize drapability and the formation of defects during draping and forming. The tester combines the measurement of the force, which is required for forming, with an optical analysis of small-scale defects such as gaps and curls by means of image analysis. An optional sensor can determine large-scale defects such as wrinkles.

You will find TEXTECHNO on a common booth with their subsidiary company LENZING INSTRUMENTS (Austria) as well as the Hochschule Niederrhein (University of Applied Sciences) in Hall 3.1, booth 39.

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Techtextil 2015

04.05.2015 - 07.05.2015 Hall: 3.1 Stand: A 39