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  • France

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TEXTI SONICS designs and manufactures compact ultrasonic sealing and slitting equipments. Most of them are fitted with "Sonic Touch Control" (STC), our international patented intelligent "approach system".

This process guarantees an optimum constancy of results and a minimum wear of horns and tools.

Concerned products: technical textiles, non woven, plastics, flexible products,...

Concerned fields: industry, packing, medical, automotive, aeronautical, arming, …

Range of services

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Combined with our advanced ultrasonic generators Genius Sonic, our equipments offer a large versatility and enable to carry out – manually or installed on a machine – sealing and slitting operations, either straight or curved, turning, multi layers in continuous assembling, sealing by spots, joining spools end to end,…

The sealing and slitting technology improves the finishing of your products, thanks to :

- clear selvedges without teasing out risk,

- very strong sealed edges without overthickness,

- a total absence of burns and yellowing,

- the respect of original colours of the products to be converted,

- the rapidity of the sealing and slitting operations.

In the packing industry, the use of ultrasonics enables to avoid using other materials like clips or hooks and so to respect European environment norms.


- Priority is given to research of effective and simple technical solutions with the possibility of later adaptations according to the developments of the needs of each customer,

- Complete solutions with, in certain cases, a guarantee of good results,

- Validation of the quotations through trials with a demonstration by the customer if necessary.


- Simplicity and rapidity of installation of the equipments, delivered with all necessary cables and a complete and detailed user's documentation,

- Easy to use,

- Top reliability allowing a high production rate,

- Easy maintenance thanks to the rapidity of dismantling / reassembling of all components of the devices.

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