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  • Frederiksberg Allé 5
  • 1621 Copenhagen V
  • Denmark

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Self taught Danish designer Tom Rossau (B.1970) started his career as a child in the basement of his parents’ house in Faarevejle, Denmark, building all sorts of objects out of whichever material was at hand. LEGO was the main companion of his vivid imagination.   In the 90’s Tom picked up the thread where he had left it some years before; he started to design and produce leather items, furniture and lighting, and in 1997 he opened his first shop in Copenhagen. Since 2004, Tom has worked mainly with natural wood veneers and in 2006 the models TR4-TR7 were introduced to a broader audience at Copenhagen Furniture Fair, where TR7 received the “Audience Favourite Award”. In 2011 the company moved to its current address, where Tom has merged showroom, storage and production department together, in a charming area in the heart of Copenhagen. The workshop has big windows facing the street, making it possible for everyone to see how Tom and his co-workers build beautiful lamps with their expert hands.   Tom still holds on to the core, and the core is design. In Tom’s own words: “The design process is quite a selfish activity for me; it’s an unimaginable thrill when I get an idea, I start working on it, and suddenly I get completely caught up in it, totally consumed by the smallest details, from the early drawings to the preparation of the prototypes and, eventually, to final production. It feels like a magic experience when, while making the prototypes, the material in my hands suddenly responds in an unexpected way, and makes me dive even deeper to explore new possibilities. The inspiration comes from what is around me, but to find out the potential and the limits of materials can be amazingly interesting. At times, it would be more appropriate to refer to the material as the real designer, whereas I am merely the help that fetches screws and fastens lose ends.   With functionality, sustainability, and low energy consumption as key concepts of design, it is more and more intriguing to meet the demands of the end consumer. However all in all, I’m a firm believer in coincidence, and the enhancement of the element of play in all design.”



The material is one of Tom's greatest sources of inspiration, when he holds it in his hands and he...

Tom Rossau Frederiksberg Allé 5 1621 Copenhagen V Denmark +45 51924788



“The first pencil was made in year 1560 by an Italian couple named Simonio and Lyndiana Bernacotti,...

Tom Rossau Frederiksberg Allé 5 1621 Copenhagen V Denmark +45 51924788


TR7 + TR10

Nowadays Tom uses a range of wooden veneers, Japanese coated paper, PP plastic and copper plated...

Tom Rossau Frederiksberg Allé 5 1621 Copenhagen V Denmark +45 51924788

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Light+Building 2016

13.03.2016 - 18.03.2016 Hall: 1.1 Stand: B 31