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  • 18th Km. Asian Highway
  • 9357174311 Mashhad
  • Iran, Islamic Republic


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History:Toos Hard Porcelain Complex, the biggest porcelain tableware producer in the Middle East and the second one in the world with capacity of 22000tons per annually was registered in 1981. With aim of producing all kind of hotel and home tableware with production capacity of 4200 tons per annually began to operate in 1991 in Mashhad-IRAN.

Since the beginning, relying upon high technical knowledge and its own skillful experts Toos Porcelain tried to attain more share of domestic and global markets.

The first Porcelain Producer in The Middle East

 At the present time, Toos Porcelain, with production capacity of 22000 tons per annum and with total area of 260000 sq. meter and 74500 sq. meter functional premises is the biggest porcelain tableware producer factory in the Middle East and the west of Asia and second in the world.

The first producer of tableware for hotels and restaurants in Iran

Toos Porcelain has attained a stable position in tourism and hospitality industry in the world by designing and producing tableware for hotels, restaurants, private organizations, government departments with their exclusive logos. Designing and producing the tableware for the conference of Islamic countries leaders in Tehran is an evidence for our claims.

The first producer of bon china in Iran

Toos porcelain in order to continue its mission to satisfy the customer started its study, examination, and research in the field of bone china in the early of 2011. At the end of 2011 make a success of producing bone china in laboratory. With hard effort, full time studies and meticulous examination in October 2010 started to produce this product in industrial level. And by receiving exploitation license with the capacity of 4000 tons in year gain the title of the first producer of bone china in Iran.

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Development plan

In order to meet the company success and the customer requirement, Toos porcelain began to design and built equipment to meet its needs which is producing with a capacity of 16,000 tons per annum. The second factory opened in 2002 in the vicinity of first factory with technology of Germany, and it began to work in the spring of 2005.


In addition to participate in local and international fairs, Toos porcelain exports its products to Saudi Arabia, Middle Asia, Southern Africa, France, Germany, USA, Netherland, Austria, Canada. Exports range in this complex has been developed to such an extent that a large part of porcelain in central Asia is monopolized by Toos porcelain products.


Benefiting from modern technology and skillful engineers, we have been awarded different prizes local and international as below:

1-      The first receiver of the national standard in tableware porcelain industry in Iran and superior factory for standard in consecutive years.

2-      The superior manufacturer in consecutive years.

3-      The superior exporter consecutive years.

4-      The International Trophy for quality (FRACE, 1998).

5-      The Golden American Award for Quality & Excellence (USA, 1999).

6-      The Golden Award for Commercial Prestige (SPAIN, 2000).

7-      The New Millennium Award for technology & Quality (GERMANY, 2000).

8-      The Golden Star for Quality (GENEVA, 2000).

9-      International Award For Business & Excellence (Spain 2011)

10-  International Award For Excellence & Leadership (Spain 2015)

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