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About Us

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For more than 12 years, Trinnov Audio has been bringing the OPTIMIZER, a very innovative solution for a perfect room correction, from a stereo up to a 64 loudspeaker system.


  • The version 4 is now shipping within the brand new D-MON SERIES, a comprehensive Monitoring Controller. The 0 latency Routing Matrix combines with an Internal Mixer to offer a perfect analog and digital last stage to manage all the Monitoring aspects of a professional studio. The D-Mon Series is compliant with most used protocols (Avid Eucon & Icon, Midi, OCA...) to offer the best and most flexible interface whether from your own control surface, some universal remote controller or any smart device (tablet, computer, smartphone...).


Worldwide renown as the most effective room correction ever, the Optimizer can come along with the SMART-METER to handle all Loudness Meterings, in sync with the session time-code. No more outside check-up is then needed to ensure a perfect delivery.

Some facts about our almost 4000 customers:


  • 100% are happy and won't let go their processor.

  • 100% are saving production time (from 30 to 50%).

  • 100% are no longer checking their work outside

  • 100% are saving money with much less purchase of processing gears and plugins


Range of services

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  • The ST2-PRO: the simplest processor which comes with 4 Analog IOs (XLR), 4 Digital IOs (AES) and 4 Optimizer Channels. Option for a 4 tracks Smart-Meter (Loudness metering), GPIOs and accessories. The 2016 version handles the 3.8 firmware and is refurbished with a new front panel.



  • The D-MON SERIES: you can find 4 models handling respectively 4, 6, 8 and 12 channels to cover various situation in Music, Post-Production and Production studios.

  • D-Mon|4 : for stereo rooms with 2 pairs of stereo speakers (or LCRS or 2.2). Routing of 20x20 with 8 mix buses. 4 Analog Inputs, 8 AES IOs, 8 Digital Insert, 12 Analog Outputs.

  • D-Mon|6 : for post rooms with a 5.1 speaker set (or 3 stereos). Routing of 28x20 with 12 mix buses. 8 Analog Inputs, 8 AES IOs, 8 Digital Insert, 12 Analog Outputs.

  • D-Mon|8 : for cinema rooms with a 7.1 speaker set (or 4xst, 5.1+2,...). Routing of 40x32 with 16 mix buses. 8 Analog Inputs, 16 AES IOs, 8 Digital Insert, 16 Analog Outputs.

  • D-Mon|12 : for immersive mixing rooms (Atmos, Auro3D) with 7.1+4 speakers (or 2x5.1, 6xst,...). Routing of 40x32 with 16 mix buses. 8 Analog Inputs, 16 AES IOs, 8 Digital Insert, 16 Analog Outputs.



  • The MC SERIES: fully revisited, this Series offers more modularity and flexibility than ever.

  • Fully Analog: handle up to 16 inputs and up to 32 outputs, to handle large mixing stages with multi-way front speaker set (cross-over filters) and many surround speakers. Up to 32 channels.

  • D-to-A: provides up to 32 AES inputs and up to 32 Analog Outputs to provide both the latest D/A conversion, a comprehensive and smart lot of cross-over filters and the whole hall room correction with up to 32 Optimizer channels.

  • MADI: perfect match with the RMU for all Atmos rooms or with a MADI system to handle any combination of large amount of speakers (up to 64).


Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Prolight+Sound 2016

05.04.2016 - 08.04.2016 Hall: 4.1 Stand: B 59