ASR 300

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Product description

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Shish kebab skewers with the highest product quality and minimum staff requirement

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TVI Entwicklung & Produktion GmbH

Salzhub 16
83737 Irschenberg


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Mode of operation

The ASR 300 multipick skewer robot takes care of feeding the sticks and trays, as well as the product skewering and the tray loading. The employees focus solely on providing the products.      

The product conveyors are loaded semi-automatically from a bunker. The operators check the position of the products and correct only the position and fill empty cavaties.

The machine reliably separates round sticks, flag sticks or steel sticks and feeds them to the robotic hand.

The robotic hand grasps 12 sticks at a time and skewers the individual products in accordance with the recipe sequence.      

The skewers are then placed in the denested trays and conveyed out.


Application area

• Skewer with 2 to 18 individual pieces

• Skewer made of multiple products

• Meat, onions, peppers, tomatoes, olives, sausages, meat balls, vegetable, fruits, cheese

• Round sticks with a length of 100 – 250mm

• Bamboo flag sticks with a length of 100 – 250mm


Advantages & savings

increased product quality

enormous savings in personnel costs

high capacity

easy to learn

easy to use

very little space required


Highest product quality – better than handmade:

Smart, ergonomic and compact

• accurate product chambers und precise robot positions create an excellent product quality

• highest repeatability, independent of operators

• centric skewering due to symmetric product chambers

60-80% fewer personnel required

High output per employee

• With the ASR 300 multipick 2 to 4 operators produce as much as 12 to 16 operators manually.

• Out of the bunker most of the products fall directly into the product chambers - the operators check and fill only empty chambers by hand.

• The operators can work quickly with both hands: approximately 100 to 150 pieces per employee per minute.

• New employees learn very quickly thanks to this simple process.

• Open horizontal product chambers make the product loading very easy.


Ideal supplement

Optimal cubes for shish kebab skewers:

TVI portioning systems can produce the cubes without waste with a minimum amount

of small pieces.

Various raw products can be used. Beef, pork, lamb or chicken.

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