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Tvilight B. V. is a Dutch technology company headquartered in Amsterdam. Its primary areas of expertise are intelligent street lighting and sensor solutions for Smart Cities.

Founded in 2011 in Groningen, the Netherlands, Tvilight is now the subsidiary of Ponooc B. V., which is part of Pon Holdings.

Tvilight sees street lights not only as one of the most valuable public assets but also—as a foundation and a building block for Smart Cities. We believe that a city-wide network of intelligent street lights can be a perfect platform for additional sensor-based applications that are making cities more livable and efficient. That’s why Tvilight has developed a unique system architecture that allows an easy integration of third-party hardware and software into its lighting networks.

The company specializes in producing wireless sensor solutions that address the problem of outdoor lighting inefficiency and energy waste in cities. In this regard, the company’s core strength lies in intelligent lighting controllers that work on a patented presence-detecting technology and deliver a range of benefits including energy savings and a reduction of maintenance costs.

Tvilight is also developing advanced sensor applications for traffic management and environmental control.

Tvilight is currently running projects in more than 30 cities in the Netherlands, and in more than ten countries around the world. Among its clients are municipalities, infrastructure operators, and businesses with large outdoor facilities.

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Lighting controls and management software

Tvilight is offering wireless sensor lighting solutions for outdoor use, also known as “intelligent” or “smart” lighting. The company has developed a range of lighting controllers and the software that together offer unparalleled control over lighting infrastructure. At the heart of Tvilight’s lighting approach is the patented presence-detecting technology that allows on-demand, adaptive lighting.  

Tvilight is tackling a common problem in the European cities—the excess of street light and resulting high electricity bills. By integrating Tvilight’s solutions, cities can achieve the energy savings of up to 80% and a reduction of maintenance costs of up to 50%. Furthermore, our intelligent street lights cater for the needs of common citizens—they make cities safe and livable. They drive down CO₂ emissions and light pollution.

We can find a suitable lighting solution for every budget and needs whether you need a standalone controller or an entire lighting network. Our controllers are plug-and-play products, which makes installation easy. They are compatible with all dimmable lights.

We also offer the relevant management software that brings out the full potential of the intelligent street lights. Thanks to our software, CityManager, you get unparalleled control and understanding of the lighting infrastructure. Combined with CityManager, our lighting systems allow collecting and analyzing data such as burning hours, energy consumption, and maintenance needs.

Open system architecture for Smart City solutions

Our unique system architecture enables the integration of third-party devices and software. By implementing open interfaces and complying with international standards (e.g. TALQ, ALiS), Tvilight can offer the first intelligent lighting network that is ready to integrate additional Smart City applications.  

Tvilight is working on a range of advanced sensor applications to be integrated into the lighting infrastructure. The company is already successfully utilizing its traffic monitoring solution that allows generating “heatmaps” i.e. graphic representations of real-time road conditions like traffic bottlenecks and car density. Apart from being involved in the development of advanced solutions for traffic management, Tvilight is exploring the possibilities that sensor technologies open in the domain of environmental control.  For instance, additional sensors can monitor the air composition and analyze CO₂ levels.



CitySense is a wireless lighting controller that operates the outdoor lights based on a patented...

TVILIGHT B.V. Sijsjesbergweg 42 1105AL Amsterdam Netherlands +31 508003240



Wireless lighting controller that operates the outdoor lights based on client needs and programmable...

TVILIGHT B.V. Sijsjesbergweg 42 1105AL Amsterdam Netherlands +31 508003240



CityManager is a web-based management software that allows remote monitoring, management and control...

TVILIGHT B.V. Sijsjesbergweg 42 1105AL Amsterdam Netherlands +31 508003240



Tvilight’s Gateway is a state-of-the-art network interface device that synchronizes communication...

TVILIGHT B.V. Sijsjesbergweg 42 1105AL Amsterdam Netherlands +31 508003240

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