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The acoustic insulation product range developed by the TWE Group have two main applications: The Safe-T-Sound product range for acoustic insulation of walls and suspended ceilings and the Quiet Step product range for acoustic insulation on stone, wooden and concrete floors.

Products in the Safe-T-Sound range are made from sound-attenuating materials to insulate noise in partition walls and within room where they reduce echo. It is used in partition walls and suspended ceilings, and helps to reduce noise. These flexible or rigid polyester materials are VOC-free (A+), do not release any inhalable dust particles in use and maintain their acoustic properties. 

The Quiet Step product range offers acoustic insulation as a substrate for glued or floating floor coverings. Our nonwovens can be used with all types of floor – whether wood, concrete or stone. The materials can also be laminated with a film to protect wooden floors against moisture. Certain Quiet-Step products are also compatible with floor heating. All the products have outstanding sound attenuation properties, and so support excellent noise reduction. They also correct irregularities and points of failure in the floor.

The nonwovens are breathable, odour-neutral and resistant to moisture and rotting. Using our products thus prevents mould from forming.

Our products are also suitable for coating the back of carpets, where they are known for their premium quality and are used in particular for high quality and durable carpets. When used as acoustic underlay with PVC floors, our nonwovens prevent irregularities and defects in the floor from transferring to the PVC layer.

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