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  • Kretingos St. 43
  • 97353 Kartena
  • Lithuania


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Geralda manufactures candles and delivers its wholesale customers superior inventory turns in this FMCG product group.

We aim to be the best at delivering better candle product availability coupled with substantially reduced inventories. Improving flow and order lead time are the primary objectives of our operations. Along with a fast manufacturing process we deliver value by building partnership based on supply according to actual consumption of our products.

Range of services

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Commitment to Availability

We commit to our chosen markets to hold perfect availability of specific end products at a specific warehouse of our client. We provide extra value to clients through guaranteed lead times, frequent deliveries thus holding less stock in the system. Our production performs in the most effective way to meet this commitment.

We constantly improve our work according to Toyota Production System philosophy (LEAN: 5S, Kaizen Teian, SW, PDSA, SMED, KANBAN, etc.).

High Inventory Turns

Our advantage is based on providing a partnership that delivers superior inventory turns of candles – a better availability coupled with substantially reduced inventories. We reduce both shortages and surpluses and significantly improve the inventory turns by effectively managing supply chain and quickly reacting to changes in demand.

  High product quality

We provide quality assurance as it is required by our quality systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) to fulfill the quality requirements for any products we produce. We continually improve the established quality standards to better satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our objective is socio-economic well-being of the town, in which we operate. We are committed to excellence in business procedures and practices that not only comply with legislated requirements but also respond to the social, economic and environmental expectations of the community, customers, shareholders, government and the public.

We have committed to putting all our efforts to contribute to a cleaner environment through our continuing development of products and exercising pallet efficiency.

Eco-Consumer Satisfaction

Consumers believe that purchasing green products may be a way they can help the environmental problems society faces today. With eco-innovations we launch new environmentally friendly products that are demanded by fast growing population of Eco-Consumers.


Graveyard Lights

Our graveyard lights come in a great variety of sizes and shapes. We use palm oil and paraffin wax...

Geralda UAB Kretingos St. 43 97353 Kartena Lithuania +370 44547120


Plastic Line

We created oiler inserts and graveyard lights in plastic cups. Oilers can be used as candles in...

Geralda UAB Kretingos St. 43 97353 Kartena Lithuania +370 44547120


Outdoor and Garden Lights

The candles in tin cans will make any outdoor party special. Their flames are resistant to winds and...

Geralda UAB Kretingos St. 43 97353 Kartena Lithuania +370 44547120

Exhibitors at the following trade fairs

Christmasworld 2017

27.01.2017 - 31.01.2017 Hall: 8.0 Stand: A 77

Ambiente 2017

10.02.2017 - 14.02.2017 Hall: 8.0 Stand: K 25B