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UltraMixer has been actively developed since 2002 by Tobias Bley and Matthias Hänel. The main goal of the development was Usability.[3] Version 1 was free of charge, and the very first commercial version, 2, was published as a first beta version in October 2005. Significant changes to version 1 has been a complete user interface revamp.

New versions of UltraMixer are released roughly every month or two. Since early 2006, the software has implemented the Replay-Gain Algorithm. Features such as the 31-Band-Equalizer, looping, time stretching, and real time effects, such as flanger, (cutoff), high and low pass have been supported since the end of 2006. In version 2.1, the ability to record as well as support for MIDI-devices was introduced. Since then, the list of supported MIDI controllers has been steadily increasing. Version 2.2 introduced silence detection, and version 2.3, the ability to directly access an iTunes playlist.

UltraMixer 3.0 was announced near the end of 2008[4] and released in November of 2010. New features included the ability for the user interface to scale gracefully at various resolutions, graphical waveforms, and the possibility to switch between two different operating modes – a single or double playlist view. Version 3 supports automated and synchronizedBeatmatching, automated loops, digital Scratching, Recording as well as automatic gain control (AGC).[5]

Since the beginning of 2012, version 4 has been released as a publicly available beta version. Key new features are the ability to connect with an Internet radio streaming server such as those found on SHOUTcast and Icecast, microphone support, as well as the ability to search through videos and cover art.

Version 4 has been undisclosed December 2012. Major new features web radio-streaming-server (SHOUTcast, Icecast), microphone-support and video- and cover search.

In December 2015 UltraMixer5S has been undisclosed with a major rewrite for it's video engine and a lot of new features like karaoke support, beat driven visuals and full 64 bit support.

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UltraMixer 5 Pro Entertain is the professional DJ Software for Mac and Windows which enables you to mix music and videos at the same time. UltraMixer 5 Pro Entertain gives you the full control over your entire audio, video and image files. The “Auto Sync”-option synchronizes music or music videos automatically and blends automatically (Auto-DJ) while you add more titles, pre-listen songs or add cue points and effects. Integrate a slide-show very fast with unique blendings and support them with special live visuals. By the help of the “live text” function you can display short information or texts and put them on top of the shown images and videos. Integrate your audience by the help of the “webcam” feature on the flat screen or a video wall. The remote apps will help you to control UltraMixer like a remote control and you can leave the working place/pult for a while. Besides the real time effects (cut-off, resonance, flanger), the integrated 16-channel sampler, the unique 31-band equalizer, the automatic sync function, the smart-looping for remixing and the 8 hot cue-buttons will be more than enough the modern “mobile DJ” for a successful party. “UltraMixer 5” can be controlled by mouse & keyboard or all common MIDI compliant DJ controller. The Pro Entertain version supports more than 70 hardware controller out of the box. Many more are integrated constantly and due to the integrated MIDI mapper tool it is easily possible to create custom MIDI maps.

“UltraMixer 5 Pro Entertain” is a full fledged “entertainment solution” for the modern mobile DJ, the “mobile DJ 2.0”.


UltraMixer Digital Audio Solutions Am Waldschlößchen 2 01099 Dresden Germany +49 351/2644986 info@ultramixer.com

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