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V&M is a family run Company which was set up in 1995 a little over a year after Col Anil Chawla retired from the Army. Mrs Suman Chawla is the proprietor of the Company and effectively handles day to day affairs.

V&M has, over the years, developed a vast and varied expertise in the manufacture of a wide range of leathergoods.

The Company was started with two employees to execute an order for 500 bags received from Germany by a friend who exported cotton garments. The experience encouraged the formalisation of the Company. Since then it has exported leathergoods to USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Australia, Denmark, Japan and Singapore. In the process the Company has now over 300 employees and a pool of versatile manpower trained like its founders by their own experience within the Company.

We have reached an export turnover of over $ 3 million in the last financial year.

Ploughing back most of our profits into modern machinery has enabled us to blend the traditional craftsmanship for which India is famous with the quality enabled by modern machinery.

V&M’s strong team of designers is encouraged to experiment with all sorts of media in combination with leather and with various techniques. This has given an ability to find suitable solutions to even unique developments and specifications from our buyers.

Our long-standing relationships with our buyers go back upto 18 years, in some cases.

We ensure our employees are well looked after and we are a member of the SEDEX, UK. We meet the ethical and social requirements of all our buyers some of whom have independent inspections done through internationally reputed agencies.

Work is done at a facility just expanded from 19000 sq ft to to 23000 sq ft at the Industrial Model Township at Manesar. An additional 25000 sq ft has come up on a 113000 sq ft plot in an Industrial Area next to a poor village in Rajasthan for the further growth, this time along with the social objective of going where the workers live and thus providing them with greater empowerment. We are on the cusp of a major expansion and there is more scope of expansion further down the line.

We are fully aware of, and comply with safety standards such as REACH, California Proposition 65 and comply with other standards such as EN71 Part3 and the necessity of keeping our metal components nickel free and lead free while our dyes do not contain Azo based materials.

Range of services

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The Company manufactures a vast range of leather goods which cover most items except garments and shoes. The approach has been to do creative rather than mass manufacture work and it is with that in view that we have trained our workers to be versatile rather than specialists. This has also improved their employability and given them greater confidence.

All of this has, however, been achieved without compromising on quality with the result that we have had remarkable continuity of work with our buyers all these years.

 95 % of our products are exported to the USA, UK and the EU.

While leather goods has been our main field of activity we have welcomed work in other mediums when our buyers have so demanded. In fact our product that made it to the Vogue ‘must have’ category was a textile and natural fibre bag made to meet the requirement of our German buyer, Christine Scherer of Taj Wood & Scherer, who designed the item. We have constantly learned from designers like her.

V&M constantly ploughs back bulk of the profits into expanding and widening its machinery base which enables it to improve quality and also to introduce innovative techniques such as laser engraving and printing on leather including digital printing.

We have built a large machinery base and have sufficient machinery capacity to quickly double our production. We have a pool of our former workers who are always looking for an opportunity to work with us in our plant once more.

From some of our buyers we receive design specification sheets, while some come and design with us. Yet other buyers select from products created by our own design team.

One of our strengths is that we can find sampling and production solutions to most ideas sent to us and our design and sampling team constantly produces new products.

All our work, except for some very highly specialized processes, is done in-house and we have  developed our machinery base accordingly.

V&M is growing fast and is in a position to expand the product line. We are also in a position to add more buyers but we are proceeding steadily rather than rapidly. We want to give personal attention to all our customers in all aspects.


Small leather goods

The full range of small leather goods ranging from pencil cases, travel conveniences like trinket...

V & M Plot 47, Sector 5, IMT Manesar 122050 Gurgaon India +91 124 2291824 anil@vandm.co.in


Wallets and Clutches

Wallets for men and women, clutch purses and travel accessories like passport cases, travel wallets...

V & M Plot 47, Sector 5, IMT Manesar 122050 Gurgaon India +91 124 2291824 anil@vandm.co.in


Leather Bags

The variety of leather bags made by us is huge and ever expanding. In addition to the usual range,...

V & M Plot 47, Sector 5, IMT Manesar 122050 Gurgaon India +91 124 2291824 anil@vandm.co.in


Laptop Bags

Laptop    Bags, I-pad holders, tablet holders, Laptop cum document holders, Laptop cum business...

V & M Plot 47, Sector 5, IMT Manesar 122050 Gurgaon India +91 124 2291824 anil@vandm.co.in


Journals & Diaries

The journal and the diary still have a hold on us and for our special thoughts there is always one....

V & M Plot 47, Sector 5, IMT Manesar 122050 Gurgaon India +91 124 2291824 anil@vandm.co.in

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