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  • Netherlands

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About Us

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Vancore Percussion Instruments - “Made in Holland used World wide”

Vancore Percussion Instruments inc. was founded in 1985 as a result of a cooperation between Pustjens Percussion Products Amsterdam in particular Jan Pustjens and Jan ter Heide. For both the development of percussion instruments in general was their common passion.    

Just graduated from the conservatory, Jan ter Heide started developing and building his own percussion instruments. The cooperation with an international import and export driven company as PPP gave the -  “start up” - an instant international platform and in the first years, with the result that exporting instruments was a daily business. These Made in Holland percussion instruments were introduced on the market under thefamous brand name Concorde.

The company deployed further to a well-equipped production company in percussion instruments with the an accent on Marching Percussion.

The high demand for High Tension Marching Drums played definitely an important role.

After three years, when the company was completely owned over by the current owner and president, the name Vancore was selected, as an international imaged brand name in the percussion industries. Already at an early stage large numbers of instruments found their way across and throughout the world. The recognition and international appeal worked, and the business developed favorably.

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Innnovation en R&D

Unique is the constant innovation of manufactured percussion instruments. Vancore has several innovative inventions to its credit that are later or sometimes immediately after launching were adopted by other manufacturers.

One of the company's characteristic has to be the almost “quirkiness ‘ when it comes to implementation of new products for various target groups. All products are in-house developed and manufactured by a team of motivated employees who meet their challenges. The company herein also finds its co-existence with new and innovative products introducing and developing on the market.


The line of manufactured percussion instruments divided into three divisions:

Marching Percussion:

A large and complete range of high quality Marching Percussion

Mallet instruments:

Marimbas, xylophones, vibraphones, tubular bells, glockenspiels etc.

Concert Percussion:

Timpani, Concert Bass Drums, Concert Snare Drums and various accessories.

In short terms, a full range of percussion instruments. The production still takes place in the now considerably enlarged and modern factory in Joure:  - the Netherlands.

Knowledge and Expertise

Vancore wants to keep the knowledge and skills in the Netherlands. This is in contrast to several other percussion manufacturers who have opted for, or forced by economic or other reasons for a total move of manufacturing to Asia. Vancore faced the challenge to export an important part of the production program to China, Indonesia and other Asian countries.    

Vancore clearly opts for the enormous technological possibilities that makes the Dutch percussion manufacturing industry into what it is, exceptionally, innovative based on high  quality standards. The company mainly produces equipment controlled by CC programmed CAD systems and machinery, and invests almost continuously in its CC machinery and CAD Manufacturing Systems.


Because all employees somehow play instruments, and percussion whether or not professionally trained, makes Vancore understanding of the percussive needs.  

“Made for percussionists by percussionists”


CCM 8000

VancoreCustom Classic 8000 series V-Custom - First Class Mallet Instruments Marimbas featuring the...

Vancore Percussion Instruments B.V. Tolhuisweg 7a - 9 8501 ZP Joure Netherlands +31 513/415127

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