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VB-S&T is an Italian company specialised in innovative extrusion spinning machines for the production of continuous filament synthetic yarn. 

We have more than 20 years of experience in this field, with background of more than 500 spinning machines installed worldwide for POY, FDY, IDY (Technical yarn), dope dyed (solution dyed), Bicomponent, Monofilament, Laboratory machines, Pilot machines.

All designs and process know-how are VB-S&T property. Machine manufacturing is made in VB S&T workshops.

VB S&T is focused to create value for his Customers:

·       Our spinning machines have technical features for the maximum of flexibility to allow the production of wide variety of products.

·       Each spinning concept is designed for a pre-assembling in our workshop to allow easy and fast erection at the Customer site.

·       All machines have full electronic control with all process parameters continuously monitored according to the most modern standards

·       Our flexible design approach allows to customise our machines to respond to our Customer needs

·       Our technical team is engaged in new machine design challenge to produce speciality yarns and to process new polymers.

·       VB S&T is Customer oriented, ready to cooperate in order to design for them “exclusive” machines, according to Customer or joint developed process know-how

VB S&T is located very closed to the Milan Malpensa airport, to make very easy for our Customers to visit us anytime to discuss their needs and requests. 

Range of services

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VB S&T supplies complete spinning machines and, upon request, components for spinning machines, like extruders, polymer melt distribution system, spinning head, quench cabinets, draw field.

For the production of polyester and polyamide (nylon) Industrial yarn VB S&T supplies EASYSPIN ONE, a multi module spin draw machine based on a very innovative draw field set up

Special focus is on the single-double module spinning machines for polyester, polyamide and polypropylene. For this purpose, VB-S&T has developed “EASYSPIN FLEX”, small and flexible, that can run different polymers with different machine set-up, suitable to produce yarn for textile and Industrial application.

All spinning machines can be provided with VB-MAST, a dope dyed injection and mixing system that allows to achieve best colour uniformity.

VB-MONOLINE is the new monofilament product line for polyester, polyamide, polypropylene and HDPE, designed for the most critical monofilament application

EASYSPIN-LAB is the compact, flexible laboratory and/or pilot machine developed for testing and developing raw material and yarn.

On the field of production of polyester and polyamide yarns for textile application, VB-S&T supplies a full range of parallel spinning machines to satisfy all Customer needs. Machine design for textile yarn production have a very flexible design in order to produce POY, HOY & FDY.

VB-S&T can provide as well full engineering services:

·       Basic engineering

·       Detailed engineering

·       Specification of ancillary equipment

·       Process control system

·       New process development according to Customer needs

·       Software design for machine supervision

·       Software design for machine productivity management

·       Utilities engineering



EASYSPIN LAB: Modern high quality Compact Laboratory - Pilot spinning machine Testing of polymer...

VB-SET SRL Via Tevere, 1 20020 Vanzaghello MI Italy +39 0331 307 143 info@vb-set.com



VB MAST:dope dyed extrusion technology Developed to achieve the best quality and process control...

VB-SET SRL Via Tevere, 1 20020 Vanzaghello MI Italy +39 0331 307 143 info@vb-set.com



EasySpin One: Spin-draw Industrial (technical) yarn spinning machine Suitable to produce high...

VB-SET SRL Via Tevere, 1 20020 Vanzaghello MI Italy +39 0331 307 143 info@vb-set.com



VB - MONOLINEspinning systems for monofilament production High quality monofilament All...

VB-SET SRL Via Tevere, 1 20020 Vanzaghello MI Italy +39 0331 307 143 info@vb-set.com



PET and PAspinning systems based on parallel spinning concept Compact spinning machine for...

VB-SET SRL Via Tevere, 1 20020 Vanzaghello MI Italy +39 0331 307 143 info@vb-set.com

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