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  • Einsteinweg 18
  • 3208 KK Spijkenisse
  • Netherlands

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About Us

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VEGE is one of the world’s largest independent suppliers of remanufactured petrol and diesel engines, cylinder heads, turbochargers and related products. With its advanced and efficient production process, backed by over 80 years of experience, VEGE is able to supply remanufactured engines and components with a level of quality that equals that of new OEM products, at extremely competitive prices.

VEGE, based in Spijkenisse The Netherlands, has been remanufacturing engines, cylinder heads, fuel pumps and turbochargers for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles since 1936. With a knowledge & warehouse centre in The Netherlands, a production facility Tunisia, and sales offices throughout Europe (UK, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain) VEGE supplies around 15.000 remanufactured engines and a large number of remanufactured cylinder heads, turbochargers and injection pumps per year to international car manufacturers, automotive parts distributors, independent garages, workshops and wholesalers.

At the heart of VEGE’s activities lies the recycling of petrol and diesel engines. VEGE can supply fully remanufactured engines, short blocks, cylinder heads and turbochargers on request and from stock, for many makes and types of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

To remanufacture a product, the old or worn out unit is completely stripped, cleaned, checked, processed and finally reassembled, using new and reconditioned parts. The end result is a product with the same quality as a brand new.

Thanks to VEGE’s skilful remanufacturing process, most products can be supplied from stock, normally within 24 to 48 hours. Over the last 80 years VEGE’s consistent product quality and its devoted and motivated workforce have made it one of the world’s top remanufacturers of engines, cylinder heads, gearboxes, fuel pumps and turbochargers.

Range of services

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VEGE make the ideal OEM partner and offer a full range of technical services that most manufacturers need to consider ‘out-sourcing’  from time to time.


  • Technical analysis & quality audits

  • Fault finding & rectification

  • Warranty recall services

  • Engineering Solutions

  • OE branded remanufactured products including:


Our area of expertise includes a comprehensive range of applications to suit most car & light commercial vehicles on the road today.


  • Petrol Engines

  • Diesel Engines

  • Diesel Pumps & Injectors

  • Cylinderheads

  • Turbochargers

  • Gearboxes

  • Brake Caliper


The above services have all been used and continue to be used by discerning OEM’s.  The quality levels that you should expect are comparable with new.  If a component cannot be ‘reworked’ within our process to a level of quality comparable with “new” then we replace with new parts.  Serial replacement comes as standard.  Aftermarket products can be developed to suit various trading conditions. Our top tier consists of 100% new component parts, including pistons, pins and rings, valves, bearings etc. All parts used would meet the standards and specifications as laid down by the customer.

VEGE are operating throughout Europe & Scandinavia, manufacturing in Tunisia and exporting around the world.


Cylinder head

VEGE are world leaders in the specialist business of cylinder head remanufacturing, an art they have...

VEGE Benelux B.V. Einsteinweg 18 3208 KK Spijkenisse Netherlands +31 181/652121


Turbocharger, new & remanufactured

VEGE now offer an ever-growing range of NEW & REMANUFACTURED TURBOCHARGERS at very competitive...

VEGE Benelux B.V. Einsteinweg 18 3208 KK Spijkenisse Netherlands +31 181/652121


Petrol and diesel engines

Factory remanufactured exchange engines   We offer a massive range of exchange Petrol engines &...

VEGE Benelux B.V. Einsteinweg 18 3208 KK Spijkenisse Netherlands +31 181/652121


Diesel Products – Pump & Injectors

Most people associate the name VEGE with remanufactured engines & cylinder heads which we have been...

VEGE Benelux B.V. Einsteinweg 18 3208 KK Spijkenisse Netherlands +31 181/652121


Gearbox – a range of manual transmissions

VEGE first introduced a gearbox programme in 1995, the test market was the UK, since then the range...

VEGE Benelux B.V. Einsteinweg 18 3208 KK Spijkenisse Netherlands +31 181/652121

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