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IFFA will be a show full of innovations and new technological solutionsthat will certainly arouse the curiosity and interest of many operators in this market, given the high degree of efficiency and productivity that we're going to meet.

The big news will be the presence of a revolutionary cutting kit for grinder, which comes through continuous research of materials and methods that could provide greater durability and less maintenance, to break down the costs of daily management. From the results of these studies arises Evocut, a patented set of plates and knives, which is already used by some manufacturers, and that is revolutionizing the industry for its important characteristics. First  of all it is unbeatable in terms of durability, since Evocut, a kit consists of plates and knives of the ideal number for your operation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pairs) mountable on the classic shaft on any Velati meat grinder and not, it has a duration of six years tested, and requires minimal maintenance and regrinding. The particular material which is built (an alloy created specifically with characteristics of durability and hardness unique in its kind) allows to extend its performance in a time not even comparable to the products currently on the market. So doing Evocut not only guarantees an effective saving on the purchase of the kit of plates and knives, but avoiding downtimefor regrinding and decreasing the hours for the maintenance, halving the operating costs. Moreover, Evocut is also interesting in terms of quality assurance, since there is not in this case blade wear, there is never the risk offerrous releasewithin the meat, and the final product is always guaranteed at the highest levels in terms of hygiene and health checks.

We wait for you at our exhibition space: Hall 8.0 Stand G58

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Velati was born in 1867, starting as a company manufacturing grinders for the small and medium meat processors. Along the years the company has grown and developed a wide range of machines for meat processing, so that it is today present on the national and international markets as a very reliable producer of complete lines for processing salami, mortadella, wurstel and hamburgers. Thanks to its dedication to continuous development and innovation, Velati is now able to design complex projects that include not only production lines, but also all food processes where it is possible to control and monitor the complete food chain from the beginning to the end. Weighing equipment, product traceability tools, recipe formulation, full automatic control systems are some of the innovation performed by Velati in the last ten years. The intensive work developed by Velati in the meat processing field has created a deep knowledge of the finished product, its different characteristics and multiple types, resulting in appropriate solutions to varying demands, always meeting the most stringent standards of quality and professional levels. Velati’s philosophy has always been to design and create machines responding to the highest requirements of quality even in connection with high productivity demands. Velati is investing every year consistent resources in activities for research and development, aiming at customers full satisfaction in a market that is in constant evolution. Some 60% of Velati’s turnover is coming from export, so the experience acquired on a particularly sophisticated market for meat products like the Italian one is being currently used for all European markets and outside Europe as well, for inst. Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, USA, Canada. A solid network of agents and distributors helps in keeping high the level of Velati’s presence in the world through a close contact with the meat processors. Velati organisation also includes a strong technical team that take care of the mechanical and electronic issues and ensure a first class after sale service to the end users



Machine designed to efficiently break and grind blocks of frozen products without smashing or...

Velati srl Via Trento 2 20067 Tribiano (MI) Italy +39 02/906-4717



The big news will be the presence of a revolutionary cutting kit for grinder, which comes through...

Velati srl Via Trento 2 20067 Tribiano (MI) Italy +39 02/906-4717



continuous vacuum filler type SIXPI With the exclusive multiple rotating piston filling system  is a...

Velati srl Via Trento 2 20067 Tribiano (MI) Italy +39 02/906-4717

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IFFA 2016

07.05.2016 - 12.05.2016 Hall: 8.0 Stand: G 58