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Using the yarn to its full potential, AirDrop technology is a clever technique that takes spinning cotton fibers (100%) and traps them with air.

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Being 100% cotton, it is light, soft and bulky, compared with similar-looking materials, because the center portion becomes hollow as a result of the air-spinning process.


AirDrop is hypoallergenic and loses four times less fiber than traditional linen towels. Not only seniors but even babies and sensitive asthmatics can use it with confidence.


Due to its extreme absorption properties, no need for high weights or large sizes

Quick Dry

By holding liquids in the space between fibers, moisture is easily released and wrung out. As a result, the drying time after wringing becomes shorter.

Absorbs Perspiration

Having open spaces between fibers makes it highly absorbent. It absorbs perspiration and dries quickly.

Maintains Warmth

Because the air inside the yarn acts as an insulator, heat cannot easily escape.


AirDrop does not lose its hollowness with washing: it will always keep its soft feeling throughout its life!