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The Vista Alegre porcelain factory was founded in 1824 by José Ferreira Pinto Basto. He was a remarkable man of enterprise, a statesman and a patron.

The company’s core business is the production of porcelain and crystal pieces, and it is organized in several business areas such as tableware, giftware, cookware and hotelware.

Based in Ilhavo and with offices in Lisbon, the company has four industrial units, producing about 15 million pieces a year of tableware porcelain and giftware. Today it has forty three shops spread all over the country, forty one in Spain, one in Luanda (Angola), one in Maputo (Mozambique) and another one in S. Paulo (Brazil).

Following an active period of acquisitions in 2001, the Vista Alegre Group merged with the Atlantis Group to form Vista Alegre Atlantis, the largest group in Tableware and Giftware in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the biggest in Europe. This united two of the most prestigious Portuguese brands.

Vista Alegre in the World

Today, with a technology and production campus among the most advanced in the world, Vista Alegre produces about 15 million porcelain items each year and exports to more than 20 countries worldwide.

The President of the Portuguese Republic uses Vista Alegre tableware for official occasions. It is also used in the White House and by many Royal families and politicians around the world, such as Queen Elizabeth II of England, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Queen Beatriz of the Netherlands, formerly by President Ronald Reagan and the most recent President of Brazil Lula da Silva - They all own Vista Alegre tableware. 

But prestigious tables are not the only places where you can find Vista Alegre’s products. Museums around the world keep valuable pieces in their collections.
Vista Alegre products shine in the showcases of many famous museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Atlantis – an Historical Name
The first Atlantis crystal pieces were born in the town of Alcobaça, in 1972, in the Atlantis factory which, continuing the traditional portuguese art of glassblowing, distinguishes itself in the manufacturing of one of the finest hand-made crystals in the world.
The factory of Alcobaça, which since 1944 was dedicated to the production of chandeliers and domestic glassware, was adapted, in the beginning of the 70´s, to produce crystal. However, all the phases of the manufacturing process continue to be developed manually, preserving the millennial know-how of the artisans who still use the wooden, aluminium or steel tools and moulds.

The Ingredients of an Art Form
Sand, lead oxide, soda, potash and borax united with the artisan´s skill and artistic mastery, create the explosive combination which gives life to Atlantis crystal in its purest form - superior crystal - distinguishable from the others by its greater resonance, shine, transparency, luminosity, weight and perfection. The combination of these ingredients has given Atlantis the world-wide reputation of making transcendently outstanding crystal.

Technology, Quality and Design are Key Elements
Through the investment in modern technologies and the acquisition of a furnace, whose characteristics place it among the few of its kind in the world, Atlantis guaranties a high productive capacity and purity conditions indispensable to protect the incandescent crystal from exterior contamination.
The quality control process is another important aspect to assure the perfection of Atlantis Crystal. This process implies the rejection of thousands of pieces, many of which with flaws only detectable to the experienced eyes of the artisans.
On the other hand, and to keep up with the tendencies, Atlantis has, in the past years, invested mainly in design. This has been archived by developing pieces which clearly have a contemporary character, though the creativity and talent of portuguese and foreign designers.

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