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The AquaHeater P heats water and can also filter inline wash water of a tunnel washer.

Depending on the need for continuous water flow, several AquaHeaters can be connected in parallel. The AquaHeater P is intended to heat wash water for continuous tunnel washers.

This concept permits installation at point of use, avoiding costs in:


  • boiler investment & maintenance

  • steam and condensate piping and control

  • condensate traps and regular inspections

  • energy loss during transport


Several capacities are available.



  • Heating laundry wash water

  • Heating tap water




  • High efficiency gas heater

  • Filters particles down to 25 micron size

  • Modulating heating as demand requires

  • High quality, comprising proven stainless steel components

  • Compact, AquaHeater needs surface of only 4m2

  • Can be used de-centrally

  • Ease of installation, plug & play system

  • Can be customized to client's needs




  • Low gas consumption

  • Low power consumption

  • Customisation to client's needs

  • Savings on energy costs compared to steam boiler

  • Point-of-use installation

  • Modular set up

  • Modulating operation, based on real-time demand

  • Small footprint

  • Ease of maintenance


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Wientjens B.V.

Sprokkelveld 9
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