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Product description

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  • High separation efficiency with minimal

  • pressure drop

  • Minimum weight due to compact design

  • Installation, maintenance and

  • environmentally friendly

  • Optionally with Water-in-Fuel-Sensor



Our patented filter technology creates a safe and efficient separation of water and other contaminates from the fuel. The large diameter of all internal cross sections and channels minimizes the pressure drop. Finest impurities and water droplets are efficiently trapped by the large surface area of pleated filter element.

Less weight due to compact design

Due to the use of most modern materials, we have reduced the volume and weight of the filter drastically, without loss of any efficiency or reliability.

Easy installation

Due to the design of the inlet and outlet ports, the filter can be easily integrated in any fuel system. Inlets and outlets can be connected on the left and / or right side of the filter according to your requirement.

Simple and quick maintenance

The filter operation is protected by an easy to remove cover. This will prevent dirt that could contaminate the fuel circuit when the filter lid is opened. The filter has been designed to allow element replacement / service without the use of tools.

Environmentally friendly

The filter is constructed from completely recyclable materials. Moreover the element can be reused multiple times during the life of the filter, meaning waste disposal costs and hence the environmental burden will be minimized.

Optionally with Water-in-Fuel-Sensor

A filter fitted with the optional WiF-Sensor (Water-in-Fuel-Sensor) does not need to be regularly checked for water. If water is present in the fuel, the WiF-Sensor will activate an alarm to signal it should be removed by opening the drain valve.

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45527 Hattingen


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