Flame Retardant Zipper - LENZING FR® Zipper

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Product description

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YKK has developed a new generation of flame retardant products with new hybrid yarn, which is dye able and strong.


Strength and performance

Yarn contains DuPont Kevlar® fibre, which is usually used in bullet proof vests. Using this fibre allows the zipper tape to be stronger against physical forces. Adding para-aramid and Lenzing FR® material onto cord, improves zipper performance. Even after severe flame and heat exposure zipper band remains soft, intact and continues to work. This is an essential criteria for personal protection!


Thanks to Lenzing FR® dye to match service for customers

Item range

Now the size no. 8 with Lenzing FR® tape is available.


  • No. 5 / 8 VSG Vislon® Polyamide Flame Resistant zipper

  • No. 5 / 8 RG Metal Flame Resistant zipper

  • No. 5 / 8 SG Excella® Flame Resistant zipper


Available in different colours for work wear usage.

ISO standards

Meet with EN ISO 14116 (index 3) and Grilon heat resistance at 230°C.

Meet with EN ISO 11611 or EN ISO 11612 (previously EN 531), if zipper is correctly sewn onto a garment.

Anwendungsbereichen wie Zelt, Reisegepäck, Display und Verpackungen, nicht nur ein funktionelles Zubehör, sondern auch ein hervorragender Eye-Catcher.

This large Vislon® zipper with stainless steel is exclusively used for fish industry, for example fishing net, in Japan. This zipper is also appropriate for different applications like tent, luggage, display, package etc. not only as functional equipment, but also absolutely a great eye-catcher.

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