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  • Via dell´Industria, 43 Bis
  • 31041 Cornuda (TV)
  • Italy


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ZAVA was founded in 1992 thanks to the creative talent and visionary energy of its owner, Franco Zavarise. Since then, ZAVA’s story has been one of ongoing achievement, built on strong, deep-rooted values that contribute to its unique manufacturing capacity. Today, the company can be considered a true master of 100% Italian production.



Following his natural instinct for design, from the outset, Franco Zavarise combined his extensive experience in metalworking with a great passion for lighting.

At his plant, traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology go hand in hand, while the work outlined by the latest-generation machinery is modelled thanks to skilled, irreplaceable manual processing. This combination results in a varied collection of lighting products, whose distinctive features are a focus on design, creativity and great attention to detail. A collection of lamps with a clear-cut personality, whose uniqueness lies in the blend between the hardness, consistency and expressive power of iron and the impalpable lightness of light.



ZAVA is a company with deep roots in traditional manufacturing in the local area and, at the same time, it is fundamentally linked to the values ​​of respect, preservation and care for the unique environment in which the company has developed, the province of Treviso.

It is for this reason that, with the passion and persistence that characterise its major projects, 2010 saw ZAVA fulfil one of its dreams: a cutting-edge plant where it can create products with the greatest respect for the environment and for the quality of the work - a studio built according to the most innovative environmentally-sustainable criteria, ensuring energy saving and self-sufficiency.

These are values thatZAVA has adopted in a highly practical and sensitive way, investing in photovoltaic panels and the self-production and recycling of thermal energy.

The whole ZAVA production process focuses on important environmental and ethical choices: the metalworking processes do not involve toxic or acidic substances. Priority is given to traditional ancient natural techniques.



The spirit of research that sets ZAVA apart, along with its open-mindedness and willingness to improve, has resulted in the need to embark on a major new project.


Suspension DADI

Determined, irregular and unexpected ... Dadì is never the same, and from any point of view it is...

ZAVA S.r.l. Via dell´Industria, 43 Bis 31041 Cornuda (TV) Italy +39 0423 639907



"It is a lamp designed for contract and more generally for major installations. I wanted to give to...

ZAVA S.r.l. Via dell´Industria, 43 Bis 31041 Cornuda (TV) Italy +39 0423 639907



Halogen, incandescent or led, this lamp is staging its different light sources that, through their...

ZAVA S.r.l. Via dell´Industria, 43 Bis 31041 Cornuda (TV) Italy +39 0423 639907



"A metal cylinder dissected by numerous wooden slats that play to break the light in fields of...

ZAVA S.r.l. Via dell´Industria, 43 Bis 31041 Cornuda (TV) Italy +39 0423 639907

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