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AcRolcar S.r.l.

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AcRolcar S.r.l.

can also be found as Lift System, Siccom

AcRolcar S.r.l.

Company address

AcRolcar S.r.l.
Via Emilia 12
10099 San Mauro Torinese

AcRolcar S.r.l.

We offer products from the following categories:

Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Electrics, Electronics & Sensor Systems >> Regulators

Our company:

AcRolcar S.r.l. was set up in 1986, but in the best Italian entrepreneurial tradition, it has its roots in a family business operating since 1972 in the field of First Equipment spare parts for the After Market.

Guided his intuition in the 1970s, Ermando Castiglioni led the company towards the field of power window regulators and began producing and supplying power window regulator kits for the First Equipment market. AcRolcar has continued to develop and evolve, responding to changes in the Automotive market, moving from the production of kits, to ball circulation power window regulators, to last-generation models featuring the Comfort system. AcRolcar currently produces over 2,400 different power window regulators, as well as manual window regulators. It also distributes door locks, wheel boxes, radiators and condensers.The CompanyEnviromentThe roof of the building is covered with solar panels.

Human Resources and Product Range

There are presently 26 personnel at AcRolcar’s San Mauro Torinese plant and 20 located at the production plant. AcRolcar S.r.l. employees at every operating level undergo regular professional updates and have the best, production and storage technologies at their fingertips. The company recognised €16 million in 2011 and has set itself the target of €18 million for 2012. AcRolcar has an international reach and exports its products to Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Algeria, Turkey, Tunisia, Argentina, Brazil and the USA.


AcRolcar’s aim is to continue to grow, consolidate and expand its market, as shown by the recent merger of Siccom S.r.l. (already part of the group). This business unit complements AcRolcar’s product offer with an extremely broad and continuously updated catalogue of rubber products including extruded profiles, window seals, fuel hoses, sheets and mats, for the car and industrial sectors. However, environmental sustainability is central to this growth objective, through the use of photovoltaic panels for its own and third-party use, and environmentally-friendly packaging.

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