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AEML SA Ateliers Electriques et Metallurgiques du Loiret

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AEML SA Ateliers Electriques et Metallurgiques du Loiret

AEML SA Ateliers Electriques et Metallurgiques du Loiret

Company address

AEML SA Ateliers Electriques et Metallurgiques du Loiret
Rue des Chènevières
45130 Meung Sur Loire

AEML SA Ateliers Electriques et Metallurgiques du Loiret

We offer products from the following categories:


Our company:

FOUNDED in August 1935

100 Employees

AREA land : 23 700 m² - covered : 12 500 m²
OWNERSHIP Worker's association

Main fabrication in sub contracting
All parts or assemblies of primary parts needing metal forming work (press work or sheet metal fabrication) and additional operations such as hand or robot welding, powder coating, assembly, kitting to create partial or total functional units.

Our products
Paint mixing machines for automotive body shops, metallic fasteners for the building industry

CAM production reporting, MRP2/JIT type, kanban loops on repetitive products
repetitive medium and large series

- ISO 9001 certification 2000 version
- Permanent control on the powder coating equipment
- Q+L3 OTIS/UTC homologation
- Welding agreement EN.287.1
- Welding agreement EN1418

Main capabilities
- Stamping on automatic or re-draw presses up to 400 T
- Sheet metal fabrication, boiler construction, welding
- 2 sheet metal fabrication lines : 1 for small thickness material 0,7 to 1 mm, 1 for medium thickness material 3 to 6 mm
- NC punching (3 NC Trumpf punching machines all fitted with automatic load and unload unit)
- 3D programming system, NC 8 axis bending, stud welding, insert fitting, mig and tig welding on regular steel, aluminium and stainless steel
- 6 ABB robotic welding machines with integrated locator
- Powder coating conveyor line with a 4 stage tunnel and stove furnace for liquid paint
- Assembly halls allowing the integration of components on sheet metal parts of our production
- Tooling shop equipped with a NC machining center

Industry we serve
Household equipment, electrical equipment, car industry, civil engineering and handling equipment, elevator equipments, land moving equipments, ...

Associated services for global solutions
- International sourcing of components
- Design and manufacturing assistance
- Just-in-time logistics
- Kitting
- Integration
- Management of outsourcing programs

Large customers in our fields and their global subsidiaries

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