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Agar Oto Egzoz San. Tic. A.S.

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Agar Oto Egzoz San. Tic. A.S.

Agar Oto Egzoz San. Tic. A.S.

Company address

Agar Oto Egzoz San. Tic. A.S.
Ikitelli Organize San. Bol. Turgut Ozal Cad. No: 133
34340 Istanbul

Agar Oto Egzoz San. Tic. A.S.

Interesting company information:

Legal form: Inc.

We offer products from the following categories:

Automotive >> Parts & Systems

Our company:

Agar Egzoz started its activities in 1972 with 200 m² closed area at Topkapı, Istanbul. In 1995 the company named Agar Oto Egzoz San. Tic. A.S. by moving İkitelli Industrial Region with 10.000 m² closed area.

Agar Egzoz produces silencers, exhaust, shaping sheets, catalytic converters and pipes.

Production is carried out using the most advanced technology. From the beginning, one of our basic principles has been to invest in technology. Some of them are, Eagle line, CNC pipe bending machines and CNC milling machines.

Agar Egzoz, designs exhausts by closing of two shell type by its own clamp system. These models are growing more and more recently. Because of not having used welding process, the lifetime of the exhaust gets longer and the sealing capacity of the system reaches to desired technical values. In addition, this system shortens the production period.

We produce all the parts of the exhaust system in our own structure. All toolings used in our factory are manufactured in our tooling department. Tools are made in CNC machines using Cad-Cam (Cimatron) system. In exhaust production, various thickness of cold rolled and aluminium coated sheets and pipes, zinc coated transmission shaft, blade, glass wool, biosil, rock wool and stainless steel wool are used as raw materials. Sheets and pipes are subjected to the process of cutting at guillotine knives and blades. Shaping, cutting, body roll clamp, countersink, welding, cap forming, bending, end forming operations are used in our production. After these operations products get ready for shipment.

Agar Egzoz pays attention to all its products which are harmless to the environment. Mufflers which are intended for this purpose are subjected to a gas test. Agar Egzoz supports some public relation activities to develop environmental consciousness in the society.

Agar Egzoz is a company which has assumed the deployment of environmental consciousness as a mission with the belief that we have borrowed this world from our children.

We prefer the most harmless of materials, chemicals and wastes at all stages of production. Moreover, we apply programs for developing environmental consciousness among our employees by in-house training activities.

Our scope of services:

The number of silencers and pipes produced by AGAR OTO EGZOZ A.S. per year is 350.000. Aluminised pipes of different diameters and thickness are used in production. The product line has been re-designed according to the flow of the process and unnecessary carrying and labor has been minimized from the moment of the input of the raw material until the sales of the product.

The sheet which is one of the raw material inputs is cut by guillotine knives according to the work orders and instructions given. Sheets that are cut are processed by silencer machines and form the body of the muffler system. On the other hand, pipes undergo operations cutting, twisting, mouth extension, angel cutting, nickel lining in the pipe section and form the pipes of the muffler system.

All parts of the muffler system are assembled in the assembly line and put out to sales. Quality control and statistical control are carried out in every stage of the production. the most important machines necessary for production are CNC controlled machines produced by companies that are known world-wide. Full automatic silencer line, EAGLE, pipe twisting and measuring machines, ADDISON, etc. All parts necessary for the muffler system (flarange, connections, etc) are produced by AGAR OTO EGZOZ in its own facilities. The tools used in AGAR OTO EGZOZ machines are made at the tooling house of the company.

Tools are made in CNC machines using CAD-CAM (CIMATRON) system. We established Quality Assurance System according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standards.

These specifications and requirements of the products and services will be documented to be fully proved.

The purpose of the quality system is to provide an effective management, to carry out all activities within a plan and in harmony and to make production and render service with the lowest costs and without giving in from the quality.

Production is realized, using the most advanced technology.

From the first days of its establishment, one of the basic principles of Ağar Egzoz is to invest in the technology. As a result of this, about ninety percent of the stages of production is realized under computer control. At the same time, technical personnel who are able to use this technology are employed and these personnel are encouraged to participate in local and foreign seminars and training programs to follow the last developments.

Technological investments do not only increase the capacity, they also affect to increase the quality.

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Further information about the company Agar Oto Egzoz San. Tic. A.S.:

Keywords of this exhibitor presentation:

exhaust, flexible pipe, mufflers, silencer, catalytic converter.

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