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alfi GmbH

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alfi GmbH

alfi GmbH

Company address

alfi GmbH
Ernst-Abbe-Str. 14
97877 Wertheim

alfi GmbH

Interesting company information:

Legal form: GmbH

We offer products from the following categories:

Home, House & Garden >> Kitchen >> Bakeware & Cookware >> Cookware >> Pots >> Heat-Insulated Pots
Home, House & Garden >> Kitchen >> Bottles >> Bottle Coolers
Home, House & Garden >> Kitchen >> Bottles >> Heat-Insulated Bottles

Our company:

Since one century alfi worldwide defines vacuum carafes and stands for intensive, authentic drinking pleasure. Once the vacuum carafes were produced of the, at that time, trendsetting product Aluminium in the Thuringian" Fischbach an der Felda" – under the name alfi: Aluminium goods factory Fischbach. The excellent insulating containers and, in the meantime, also drinking bottles are produced at the Franconian Wertheim and are sent from there to the whole world.

Our scope of services:

alfi hits the fine line between tradition and trend.

A vacuum carafe is a vacuum carafe? Fortunately it is not so easy, and we are not quite innocent: A vacuum carafe from alfi is different. It stands for a high claim to us and our work. What we mean with it: A design that is fun. A quality that keeps what it promises. And a rate of innovation that tracks down the fine line between tradition and trend. How do we get to live this claim so strictly? We concentrate on what we do best. We question ourselves what our customers expect from us on a daily basis. We incorporate all our experience as a world market leader. We are not content with what we have achieved. Very briefly: We combine our pursuit of perfection with honest enthusiasm for good products.

alfi offers quality that lasts.

Quality sells badly: What is good lasts. And why should you then buy a new vacuum carafe from us? Quality sells well: What is good is fun. And then you will certainly buy another vacuum carafe from us. Which theory is right now? To tell the truth:

This doesn’t make any difference to us.

For us there is no alternative to the highest quality standards.

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Further information about the company alfi GmbH:

Keywords of this exhibitor presentation:

Isolierkannen und -flaschen, vacuum carafes and vacuum bottles, Trinkflaschen, drinking bottles, Flaschenkühler.

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