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CELAR - Alumínios Cesar, S.A.

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CELAR - Alumínios Cesar, S.A.

can also be found as CELAR - Alumínios Cesar, S.A.

CELAR - Alumínios Cesar, S.A.

Company address

CELAR - Alumínios Cesar, S.A.
Zona Industrial de Cesar
3701-906 Cesar

CELAR - Alumínios Cesar, S.A.

We offer products from the following categories:

Home, House & Garden >> Kitchen >> Bakeware & Cookware >> Cookware >> Non-Stick Cookware

Our company:

Alumínios Cesar, S.A., or CELAR, as it is known, was founded in May 1978, and it is today an anonymous society, with a capital fund of € 1.700.000 and about 100 employees.


It started its activity producing non-stick aluminium cookware, and for that importing the aluminium discs already coated.


In a second stage, to satisfy its customer’s requests, completed the range with other products, with CELAR’s trademark, as for example, the aluminium Pressure Cookers.


In an economic state of affairs extremely unfavourable, 1980/1985, and through great investments, CELAR technologically developed itself, in a way to obtain independency towards its suppliers of non-stick aluminium.




CELAR is actually an outstanding lieder in the market (source ACNielsen), on the non-stick segment, where detains a share of 65%. The reason for this success is because the company has a strong dynamic, with a very clear goal: Customer’s satisfaction.


Given the natural demands of consumers in buying quality products with competitive prices, CELAR decided to implement a Quality Management System, being today a certified company by SGS, by the Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008.




Our products are intended for all markets (national and international). However, the main part of our production is, at the moment, for national market. We are now spreading our brand abroad, and have already good customers in several countries.


Its implantation in the market is felt on a national level, as a reflex of an aggressive politics and with an efficient distribution system, guarantying a privileged position of its products in all big chains and wholesalers.

The quality of the products is, without any doubt, a factor which will continue to prevail on the selection of the customers, and which reflects the CELAR’s “Market share”.

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