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Barazzoni S.p.a.

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Barazzoni S.p.a.

Barazzoni S.p.a.

Company address

Barazzoni S.p.a.
Via C. Battisti, 46
28045 Invorio (NO)

Interesting company information:

Legal form: S.p.A.

We offer products from the following categories:

Home, House & Garden >> Kitchen >> Bakeware & Cookware
Home, House & Garden >> Kitchen >> Bakeware & Cookware >> Cookware >> Stainless Steel Cookware

Our company:

Although Barazzoni “officially” opened in 1903, the company dates back to 1897, when Giovanni Battista Barazzoni set up a small workshop to produce household articles from tin, brass and copper. Today, over one hundred years after its foundation, Barazzoni production includes stainless steel, non-stick aluminium, and ceramic saucepans, cooking utensils, and tableware, all of which demonstrate great attention to design, to innovation, to quality and to function.

Over the years, Barazzoni, the first Italian company to introduce design into the manufacturing of saucepans and kitchen articles, has made, and continues to make use of important design studios in Italy and abroad. The most famous designers that have collaborated closely with Barazzoni include Ennio Lucini, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Pininfarina, Mario Bellini, and since 2004, Claudio Bellini, the Art Director of the Piedmont-based company. The products created by these famous designers have received numerous international awards, and have even appeared in art exhibitions and museums in Italy and throughout the world. The successful combination of form and function is present in every Barazzoni product, irrespective of whether it carries the luxury Atelier Barazzoni trademark, the Barazzoni Progetti trademark, which is characterised by innovation and function, or the young, highly creative La Cucina di Barazzoni trademark.

Our scope of services:

Barazzoni, a company that is in the forefront, in terms of technology and production, always pays particular attention to the environment and to consumersʼ health. In this sense, with constant research into innovative materials and new generation coatings, such as the PFOA-free non-stick coating, the company expresses its great commitment to supporting ecology.

Andrea Barazzoni, the General Manager of the company, says, “Over the last few years, the company has grown a lot from an industrial point of view, and in terms of its products and brand; this evolution has enabled us to face this period with confidence and serenity, and to invest further to consolidate and strengthen our market position in the kitchen sector.”

The company currently has about one hundred employees in its three sites, of Invorio, near Novara (Italy), Girona (Spain) and Singapore, and has a leading position in the Italian market, thanks to the number and quality of its products; the company is present in over eighty countries.

For over sixty years, Barazzoni has been a leader in the production of stainless steel pots and pans. In the last ten years, the company has progressively extended its output to non-stick aluminium. Today, the circle has been completed with ceramics, which enables Barazzoni to be the only company of reference capable of satisfying every kitchen need. And, by introducing a single design, and combining it with all materials, Barazzoni gives consumers the opportunity to create freely their own assortment of kitchen instruments.

Barazzoni is proud to be among the brands that are able to take the “Made in Italy” label to all parts of the world, thanks to the attention it pays to design, and to its ability to invest in high quality, technology and, above all, great innovation.

And so, the company today is at the forefront in terms of its products, of its sales concepts, and of consumer expectations, and is extremely careful about the environment.

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Since 1903 italian quality in your kitchen.

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