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Cosy & Trendy by Billiet

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Cosy & Trendy by Billiet

can also be found as Cosy & Trendy by Billiet

Cosy & Trendy by Billiet

Company address

Cosy & Trendy by Billiet
Szamotulystraat 6
8700 Tielt

Cosy & Trendy by Billiet

Interesting company information:

Legal form: NV

Our company:

Billiet is a wholesale importer and storage facilitator for household, catering, gift and seasonal articles. Our companyis located in Tielt (Belgium) and mainly active in the Benelux, in France and Germany. We deliver reliable and innovative products of the most desired and well-known brands and we have our own brands too. Cosy&Trendy, with its wide range of quality articles for very reasonable prices, is our biggest own brand and can be divided into 3 product categories: cooking, table setting and household. First of all, Cosy&Trendy is your reference for useful kitchenware. It offers essential kitchen equipment to prepare a variety of food any time and the most convenient tools for cooking at special occasions. Because we aim to meet the demands of both home and professional cooks.
Furthermore, we provide tableware that is made of stylish materials to create the perfect dining experience. Cooking is much more than just a delightful dish. A well-set table also makes a good impression on guests. This product category is versatile which ensures an appropriate presentation of the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Last but not least, Cosy&Trendy contains household items to make everyday life easier, ranging from dustbins to ironing boards. Those products feature exceptional ease of use and trendy colours. Great sales of many leading brands as well as the success our Cosy&Trendy products enable us to keep developing durable products according to the latest trends.

Our scope of services:


We are overwhelmed daily by all kinds of cooking programs, cookery books, recipes and tips from chefs. Nowadays each one of us feels a bit like an amateur cook. Cooking has become a new form of cocooning. It brings a cosy atmosphere into the house, the kitchen smells delicious… Billiet offers an endless range of convenient cookware for both the amateur cook and the professional chef.


Our household articles are praised by our clients for their exceptional ease of use and trendy colors. We constantly add new articles to our range that are adapted to the newest trends. The collection is very varied. It contains ironing boards, drying racks, dustbins, clocks, coat hangers, laundry baskets, PVC boxes, stepladders, scales, rotan baskets, buckets, watering cans, etc.


Gifts. Every season again we offer unique and quality gift articles. We are always looking for innovative articles in the area of style, finishing, design, quality and originality. We offer surprising and useful gifts for him, her and children.


Cooking is much more than just delicious food. A well-set table helps to make a good impression on guests. Billiet is the first reference for a perfectly set table. The range contains porcelain, glassware, cutlery, napkins, tablecloths, placemats, dishes, bowls, ...


Cosy&Trendy for professionals combines ease of use and durability, because it are utensils of superior quality that allow a professional chef to perform at his best.


Kids,These kitchen tools are provided with a simple and safe design, ideal for the little ones. The striking colors and patterns that children love so much are an additional asset.


Our Christmas articles transform every room into a fairy tale paradise. The range includes decoration in various colors, styles and materials and all of this according to the newest trends.


Our Halloween range includes over 1000 items, from scary masks to funny pumpkins.

Eastern, A range full of vibrant colors and patterns that create a cheerful atmosphere


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Further information about the company Cosy & Trendy by Billiet:

Keywords of this exhibitor presentation:

Kochen/Cooking, Gedeckter Tisch/Table Setting, für Kindern/for Kids, Haushalt/Household, Decoration/Gift.

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